The 6 Most Successful Clubs in the History of the FIFA Club World Cup

The 19th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup is about to begin on the 1st of February in Morocco. Seven teams from 6 continents will collide for the global trophy of club football. It declares the supremacy of a club in the world.

Only the best teams from the six continents qualify for the biggest club football tournament. The participants are already proven top clubs in their respective continents. However, when all the titans clash for the big trophy, only the best of the best can lift it.

So far, eleven teams have won the trophy, and only four teams have won more than once. Who are they? Let’s check out the most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup to find.

Most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup

Based on the number of trophies, overall performance, and participation, we have come up with the following list:

Club Country Confederation Club World Cup
Real Madrid Spain UEFA 4
Barcelona Spain UEFA 3
Corinthians Brazil CONMEBOL 2
Bayern Germany UEFA 2
Chelsea United Kingdom UEFA 1
Liverpool United Kingdom UEFA 1

1. Real Madrid CF

Club World Cup wins: 4 times (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Whenever it comes to the matter of being the most successful club in football, one name that has to pop up is the Spanish titans Real Madrid CF. They have been most successful in the La-Liga, in the last century, in UEFA history, and also dominating in the current century.

The Madrid Football Club has already won the FIFA Club World Cup four times and is also participating this year and surely is the favorite. It will be their sixth participation in the tournament. They won all four finals they reached.

The Whites have shown great dominance between 2014 and 2018. They won the trophy four times in five years. However, there is a big difference this time, as Ronaldo is no longer a part of the Madrids. It will be a big test for Benzema, Vini, and Modric. Ronaldo scored four goals in the four finals they won.

After Ronaldo’s departure, the Whites struggled for a few matches but quickly turned around and have been winning trophies again. They are the current UEFA  Champions League winners. Benzema won his first-ever Ballon d’Or a few months ago. The team is in high spirits.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti is confident about winning the trophy and becoming the first club to win it a record fifth time to prove their supremacy. Besides, as the tournament is going to happen in Morocco, the club is feeling more confident.

It was in Morocco when the Spanish giants won their very first Club World Cup back in 2014. Winning the trophy will make their eighth global trophy, as they also won the continental cup on three occasions.

Madrid has been in their regular good form. They have won 13 out of their 17 games in this season’s La Liga, holding the second position.

2. FC Barcelona

Club World Cup wins: 3 times (2009, 2011, 2015)

Another giant from La Liga has shown their dominance in the FIFA Club World Cup by winning the trophy three times. They were also the runner-up in 2006 when they lost to Internacional.

Barcelona has been the most dominant club of the twenty-first century. They have proved their dominance in all the tournaments they have competed in, including the Club World Cup, with special thanks to Lionel Messi.

In 2009, they reached the final for the second time, and this time they faced the Argentine club Estudiantes. Surely enough, Barca was the favorite. However, the first half ended with Estudiantes 1- 0 Barcelona. The score remained the same after so many close attempts.

Finally, Pedro scored the equalizer in the 89th minute, and Messi scored the winning goal in the 110th minute.

Two years later, they again reached the final, and this time they were all game from the beginning and crushed Santos by 4-0 score. Messi scored two goals for the side.

2015 was the last time the club made the final, and they picked up a comfortable victory of 3-0. It was the time of the MSN trio when Barca was unstoppable.

Sadly, they have not qualified for the tournament since their last trophy win. However, being the first team to win the trophy twice and thrice certainly makes them one of the most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup.

3. Corinthians F.C

FIFA Club World Cup wins: (2000, 2012)

The Corinthians are one of the most dominant Brazilian clubs that shocked the world by winning the first-ever FIFA Club World Cup in 2000. Twelve years later, they won the trophy again by defeating Chelsea in the final.

The FIFA Club World Cup has been dominated by Europe teams, and only three clubs outside of Europe have won the trophy, and the Corinthians are the only team to win it twice.

When the FIFA Club World Cup was about to begin, many thought it would be a one-sided win for the European clubs. But their guesses got bashed in the first season, which helped the tournament be more unpredictable and popular.

They drew their first match with the favorite Real Madrid and won the other two games in the group stage to reach the final, where they defeated Vasco da Gama in penalty shootouts.

The club did not qualify for more than a decade and reached the tournament again in 2012. This time they faced the then UEFA Champions League winner Chelsea in the final and won the match by 1-0.

They have not qualified for the tournaments ever since. They are the only club to win the trophy 100% ratio, which places them amongst the most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup.

4. F.C Bayern Munich

Wins: 2 times

The most dominant German club is the only club that represented German football in the Club World Cup. Just like the Corinthians, they have also won the trophy both times they got to play in the tournament.

FCB is the most successful club in Germany, and they frequently win the Bundesliga. In the twenty-first century, they have won the league seventeen times already. However, to qualify for the Club World Cup, they needed to win the UEFA Champions league.

After winning the UEFA champions league 2012-2013, the FCB made it to the tournament for the first time. They made their presence known by winning the semi-finals by 3-0 against Guangzhou Evergrande to reach the final.

The starting teams consisted of players like Manuel Neuer, Franck Ribéry, Thomas Müller, and Philipp Lahm (c). And as expected, they had a comfortable victory over Raja Casablanca by 2-0.

The next and last time the club reached the tournament was in 2020 and defeated UANL by 1-0 to win the trophy for the second time. They are the only fourth team to win the trophy multiple times.

Being the only team to represent Germany in the tournament, and winning the trophy twice, makes the team’s history in the Club World Cup memorable.

5. Chelsea F.C.

Wins: 1 time ( 2021)

One of the most iconic teams in club football is Chelsea. The club has a worldwide fanbase. The five-time Premier League winner has competed in the Club World Cup twice and reached the final on both occasions, and won the trophy in 2021.

The current Club World champion first competed in the tournament in 2012 when they lost to the Corinthians F.C. despite being the favorite. They had to wait for nine years to play in the league again, and this time they were determined to win, and they did it.

In the final, they defeated the Palmeiras by 2-1. A penalty in the 117th minute helped them pick the victory in extra time. The squad had players like Kai Havertz, Romelu Lukaku, and Thiago Silva.

The Champions, however, have not qualified for this year’s tournament, as Real Madrid will be the UEFA representative. However, being the current winner and two times finalist, they stand as one of the most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup.

6. Liverpool F.C.

Wins: 1 time (2019)

Liverpool also participated in the league twice and reached the final on both occasions. They first appeared in the league in 2005, when they lost to the Brazilian São Paulo F.C.

The club did not qualify for the tournament for another thirteen years, and finally, they had the opportunity to win the trophy in 2019. The Reds had one of their best squads that had names like Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson, and some other big names.

They faced Flamengo in the final and had a tough fight to win the match. After 90 minutes, the scoreboard showed the result 0-0. During the extra time, Firmino scored the only goal of the match and won the match for his team. It was one of the greatest moments for the club in the twenty-first century.


The FIFA Club World Cup may not be the most competitive tournament, but to get to compete in the tournament is quite tough, which makes the trophy special as only a few teams can compete for it. As only the best of the continents are allowed to play, it is quite difficult for any team to play in the league frequently.

However, the teams mentioned in the article have shown great dominance and have reached the finals more than any other teams and also won it, making them the most successful clubs in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup.

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