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The FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner, and the excitement is getting bigger daily. Adidas adds to the excitement by unveiling World Cup 2022 kits for Argentina, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

Adidas has unveiled the away kits created for Argentina, Germany, and Mexico and the home kit for Spain. The players will wear these kits to represent their nation in the FIFA World Cup 2022. The jerseys also mark a remarkable element of culture, tradition, and festival worldwide.

World Cup 2022 Kits

According to Adidas, the World Cup 2022 kits, created by Adidas, are the “canvas of creativity,” help to capture the spirit of each nation, and are inspired by the key cultural touchpoints.

“When we design national team kits for tournaments as big as the FIFA World Cup, we always keep in mind that these designs will become a part of legendary footballing history,” said Jürgen Rank, Senior Design Director Football at Adidas. “At the same time always featuring unique and unforgettably iconic designs that are bold, eye-catching and create a true sense of excitement amongst fans all across the globe.”

Argentina’s Away Kit:

Argentina away kit
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Argentina’s away kit is a stunning purple masterpiece. The 2022 World Cup kits will be very special and significant for Argentina fans all around the globe because it could be Lionel Messi’s last world cup.

The kit’s vibrant purple hues represent the nation’s spirit and quest for gender equality, resembling the national flag’s iconic Sun of May.

Germany’s Away Kit:

A glittering gold team badge over the heart takes the center stage on Germany’s away kit. A bold vertical stripe inspired by the first German shirt elevates the classic clean aesthetic to new levels.

Germany away kit
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The detailing on the collar and shirt bindings display the iconic colors of the national flag.

Mexico’s Away Kit:

Mexico’s away kit is rich in magnificent artwork. The artwork pays homage to the nation’s ancient civilizations with its Mixtec art to summon the nation’s fighting spirit.

Mexico away kit
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Spain’s Home-Away Kit:

The team’s famous deep red color dominates La Roja’s home kit. The reference to the national flag is the colors of the collar and shirt bindings.

Spain Home kit world cup 2022
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Spain Away kit world cup 2022
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