FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. They promised fans some big showcases related to the tournament. The event itself will kick off on November 21. It will run till December 18.

On November 21, World Cup will begin with the match between Senegal and Netherlands. Later that day, a spectacular opening ceremony will be held at Al Bayt Stadium. The current Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has revealed a plan for an enigmatic fireworks performance. Thus, FIFA agreed on debuting the event with what was supposed to be the second Group A match.

The nearly month-long international football showcase will end its run, on December 18. That day, semifinal winners will meet each other in the final, and following that Qatar will hold the closing ceremony. They have already said that the closing ceremony will be the more majestic part of this iteration of the World Cup

World Cup Closing Ceremony Venue:

The management committee has elected The Lusail Iconic Stadium for hosting the closing ceremony. It is currently Qatar’s largest stadium. Owned by the Qatar Football Association, the stadium packs 80,000 seats.

This is not the only reason for selecting the stadium though. Qatar recently built a city named Lusail City. It sits only around 20 km away from the capital. The city will be a major tourism hub for the country. It was built with a futuristic aesthetic as its selling point. The administration is already selling plots from the city internationally. As such, the closing ceremony will work as a passive advertisement for the newly built city.

Additionally, the stadium will be reconfigured into 40,000 seats following the World Cup. Furthermore, a large portion of it will be repurposed as a community center with spots, cafes, sports facilities, and a health clinic. The stadium itself will be used for hosting major domestic leagues. It will be a big entertainment factor for future tourists with sports enthusiasm.

Closing Ceremony Ticket Price:

FIFA is selling the final match tickets for $605 to $1,607. For domestic viewers, the ticket price is $206. FIFA is selling the tickets via their official website and partner mediums. The ticket will cover the cost for the closing ceremony too. Therefore, the price is quite higher than other match tickets. But Qatar assured their fans that the visual spectacle will be well worth their time and price.

Revealed Plans for the World Cup 2022 Closing Ceremony:

The management committee hasn’t revealed any major details about their plans for the closing ceremony yet. But December 18 is a big day for the country. As they celebrate the rise of the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani on the day. So, there is speculation that the event will feature shows related to their rise and culture.

Traditionally, the Qatar government celebrates its national day with fireworks, Air Force displays, and luxury automobile shows. They acknowledged that these will be part of the day. Qatar is also actively working on strengthening its already superior security force.

Since the FIFA World Cup 2022 closing ceremony falls on a special day, the celebration will honor Qatar for being the first Middle Eastern country to host the international spectacle.

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