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The FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar will begin its journey on 21st November this year. We are all set for the biggest football carnival. The groups are drawn already, schedules are set, and the venues are ready to roll. With the World Cup football has been moved from its usual slot June-July to the November-December, it will be the first Winter World Cup in history.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place during a break starting from November 12th in the English Premier League. Wales forward Daniel James, who plays as a Leeds United forward in the EPL, speaks about the awkward timing of the World Cup 2022 and injury concerns surrounding the tournament.

The World Cup tournament usually takes place in the months of June and July when the season ends in the European top flight leagues. The players usually get about three weeks of break before travelling for the World Cup. This time, the players will fly for the world cup next week after playing a matchday in the leagues.

Daniel James said, “It’s a tough one because we’ve got a Premier League game something like the week before (the World Cup).”

“You go from playing in the Premier League to the next week playing in a World Cup. There’s no time for a game in between there. It’s a strange one. Usually you probably have two or three weeks before you go away, but in that last (Premier League) game going into the World Cup, players are going to be wary of it.”

This awkward timing of the World Cup would increase the risk of injuries. Moreover, players would be weary getting a knock and missing the biggest tournament just a week before flying to Qatar. Imagine, if Lionel Messi took a knock before the World Cup, it would be a crucial setback for Argentina.

Daniel James added, “So I think everyone is concentrating on being fit for that tournament. It’s going to be a little bit weird being in the middle of the season. But you’ve just got to concentrate on each game that comes and keep yourself as fit as you can.”

The 24-year-old Welsh forward also speaks about qualifying for the World Cup 2022. It had been quite a few exciting weeks for Daniel James. Leeds United survived in the EPL top flight on the last matchday. Moreover, Wales beat Ukraine in June in the qualifying playoffs final to confirm their ticket to Qatar. Wales will play in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years.

“We’re one of the smallest nations to ever qualify for the World Cup, so it’s a massive achievement for us all. I wouldn’t say it’s a one-off. A lot of people have written us off. We were in that category when we qualified for the Euros.”

“But we’ve put ourselves on the world stage now and no-one can knock us off that.”

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