David Trezeguet

The 1998 World Cup winner for France and former Juventus striker David Trezeguet spoke about Argentina and France at World Cup 2022 in Qatar. In an exclusive interview with BolaVIP, David Trezeguet commented that Argentina will be the favorite nation to win the World Cup. However, France will be the no. 1 candidate for the next World Cup, according to David.

David Trezeguet was born in France to an Argentine father. The 44-year-old has always had his heart split between Argentina and France. He was a part of the French squad when they won the 1998 World Cup. David  Trezeguet scored the winning goal for France to win the Euro Cup 2000. He was also a part of the 2006 World Cup squad for France. They played the infamous final when Zinedine Zidane headbutted Materazzi and lost against Italy on penalties. David was a top striker in 2000 for Juventus.

David Trezeguet believes that Argentina will be very confident in the World Cup which could play a big part. The Albiceleste were already a better side under Lionel Scaloni and winning the Copa America boosted their confidence.

“Argentina is a favorite nation to win the World Cup. Confidence also plays a part. Having won the Copa America has made an extra contribution to an already decisive team,” David spoke to BolaVIP. “(Lionel) Scaloni, together with his coaching staff, has found the right key for these players to be able to get the most out of them. And today Argentina is a serious candidate to win this next World Cup.”

Former Juventus striker praises Argentina boss Lionel Scaloni for doing an excellent job. He has improved the potential of his players and they have been playing together for a long time. Argentina is on a 33-match unbeaten run. They won their last match by 3-0 goals against Italy in June to win the Finalissima 2022.

“Growing up and living there for a long time, emotionally I would like Argentina to be the next world champion,” said David.

However, the Frenchman believes that France will be the no. 1 candidate to win the next World Cup. Didier Deschamps and the players have been working hard for a long time. There had been ups and downs but they came back strongly. France lost Euro 2016 to Portugal and they returned by winning the World Cup 2018.

The World Champions made a bit of a mess in their last international matches in the Nations League in June. They lost against Denmark and Croatia and drew another with Croatia and Austria. With 2 points from 4 matches, they are at the bottom of Group 1 in League A.

“They have had those ups and downs, but they know how to achieve that balance to be able to win this next World Cup,” David said about France. “France is the most complete team in comparison to the other nations.”

Argentina will play in Group C against Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland in the World Cup 2022. France will reunite with Denmark, Australia, and Tunisia in Group D.

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