FIFA Asked to Exclude Iran From The World Cup Over Mistreatment of Women

Several Iranian players and athletes have teamed with the Spanish law firm Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo. To submit a formal request to FIFA to suspend the Iranian Football Association from participating in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Women are not allowed to enter arenas across the country. And Iran’s Football Federation follows and submits to the native government in this situation. This is a violation of (Article 19) of FIFA’s laws.

The controversial measure has been utilized before clothing Kuwait, Iran, and India. What is so troubling for women in Iran? The same mistakes are made in soccer, which means that soccer. Which should provide a safe space for individuals, is not a safe place for the evolution of gender.

In many countries, women have been excluded from attending soccer stadiums and the football environment in Iran. This is contrary to FIFA’s practices and values.

FIFA can’t let neutrality be an option

The statement continued to force FIFA into action because of its historically neutral position on other key issues. “FIFA’s neutrality is not an alternative. The Iranian Football Federation has not been neutral. But has stepped in to promulgate the oppression and systematic exclusion of women in sporting cultures.”

But victims of the Iranian government are not the only ones who suffer from oppression in the country. “The Iranian government has likewise silenced the voices of several people within the country. And denied them their right to talk publicly.

Former national team players such as Hossein Mahini and Aref Gholami. And prominent players like Ali Karimi and Ali Daei have been threatened with imprisonment. And harassment relative to this law by the government. It is time for FIFA to take action; enough is enough.


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