FIFA Women’s World Cup Streaming Channels

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is fast approaching, and streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Fox Sports, fuboTV, Sling TV, and many more will offer an array of coverage, including live games, highlights, interviews with players, and expert analysis.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is one of the world’s most highly anticipated sporting events. A number of channels will stream the tournament live, allowing fans around the world to watch it. This article will discuss the best FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 streaming channels.

Event Information

  • This year World Cup will happen in Australia and New Zealand
  • The opening match will take place in New Zealand’s Auckland’s Eden Park stadium
  • The final match will happen in Australia’s Sydney Stadium
  • The tournament will start on July 20 and end on August 20
  • 32 teams will participate in this tournament
  • The match will be played in a total of 10 venues
  • Streaming channels all over the world will broadcast this tournament

Women’s World Cup 2023 Streaming Channels

Streaming Websites


FIFA+ is free of cost platform by FIFA, which will broadcast the live event from New Zealand and Australia. Not only will they provide live-action they will also provide highlights of the matches as well.

Additionally, you can watch exclusive, never seen footage of the tournament as well. This app is easy to use, and you can stream and access content live without distractions.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iplayer is a streaming service that is available for the UK audience. So to enjoy the Women’s World Cup in the UK, you need to tune into BBC iPlayer.

In terms of national and international sports coverage, BBC Sport is one of the leading streaming platforms. You can follow the tournament on BBC Sport’s official website. You’ll also find documentaries, news coverage, podcasts here, and the Women’s World Cup live stream.

Streaming Services


If you live in the US, then fubo TV is a great option to have since it offers top leagues and teams, popular TV shows, and news.

With its subscription, you can watch 100+ live HD channels, including the best sports channels in the world. This means you can watch Fox Sports or Telemundo through fuboTV for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

It has four sets of plans and packages so that you can choose easily depending on your budget. They are-

  • fubo Pro charges $70/per month
  • fubo Elite charges $80/per month
  • fubo Ultimate charges $100/per month
  • fubo Latino charges $33/per month


Hulu is another video-on-demand service that is really popular among fans. It offers 85+ top channels, including sports channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, BTN, FOX, FS1, CBS, and ESPN. Among them, FOX will telecast the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

Hulu charges $68.99/month for their subscription. To learn more, you can visit their website.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another US-based platform from which you can live stream the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. They have a wide range of channels that offer a wide range of live sports, news, and popular channels for their customers to choose from.

Sling TV comes in two kinds of packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. If you want both packages, it will cost $45/per month, and each single package will cost $30 per month.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV stream broadcasts popular TV shows and streaming content from around the world.  In terms of sports channel, you can find it all here, as their packages include ABC, CBS, FOX, TNT, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, AMC, etc.

If you tune into FOX then you can enjoy the 2023 Women’s World Cup. It is one of the best ways to stream.

It is also a subscription-based service, so you need to purchase a package. They have a wide range of packages starting from $79.99/month, which includes all the sports channels. 

YouTube TV

Another popular streaming platform is YouTube TV, which has 85+ channels, including all the sports channels. So you can enjoy the Women’s World Cup tournament very easily.

Youtube TV costs $64.99/month. If you want to watch the tournament in Spanish, then in Spanish it will cost $34.99/per month.

Final Thought

You should know what streaming channels will offer coverage of the matches to ensure you don’t miss anything. International networks like BBC, Sky, and Fox Sports will all feature compelling coverage.

Further, services like YouTube TV and FuboTV are likely to be available for viewers from anywhere in the world.

Whatever your preferred viewing method may be, make sure to look out for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 streaming channels, so you don’t miss a single play of the tournament.

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