FIFA World Cup 2022: Process to Enter Qatar Through Land Border

Preparing for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar will start receiving ‘fans’ of the tournament at the Abu Samra border crossing beginning November 1st. At a press conference on Sunday, the country’s Interior Ministry announced the measures they would be enforcing upon arrival.

The procedures involved and the requirements vary based on which card you hold.

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Crossing through the Abu Samra border crossing

If you’re looking to cross into Qatar, the next step is determining which border crossing will suit you best. There are two options at the Abu Samra border: Salwa and Jeddah. The Abu Samra border crossing connects Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

Qatar has committed to supporting those who have made the journey. And promoting the country as the most vital destination for football fans.

According to the Ministry of Interior, arrangements will make for free transportation from the border crossing to central Doha and Al Messila area. If you want help getting to or from Qatar, you’ll stay with friends or family. There will also be private taxis if you need them.

Whenever you pass through the Abu Samra border check, please ensure that your passport has been returned. Visitors can use the same passport to register for the Hayya Portal. And enter through one designated category to facilitate easier transactions.


This is a card that young people give to their parents on their birthday and at the end of Ramadan. It’s a tool that helps introduce them to Islam, regardless of whether they’re Muslim. It’s intended to show love by letting family members know they are loved.

In Qatar, the national sports authority is trying to create a Fan ID structure so that nothing can miss during the FIFA World Cup 2022. To access the stadium on match day, one only needs a designated Fan ID card, which also already functions as an individual entry pass.

According to FIFA, the Hayya card is a personalized document issued to all fans attending FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches. This document and the applicable tickets are required to access the football stadium on match day. You can only need one Hayya card per person for the duration of the event.

GCC residents

Citizens of the GCC countries and Qataris with a Qatari Passport will be able to enter the country as usual. Still, they must also have their vehicles equipped with temporary Qatari plates for safety reasons. Carrying a Hayya card is optional in this case.

If you want to get in faster, you can enter your vehicle.

Fans entering the stadium with a car must obtain an entry permit from Hayya before purchasing their ticket.

Getting a vehicle entry permit on the Qatari border requires an approved accommodation reservation through Hayya for five nights. The application also needs to submit through Hayya. Once approved, an email will send you a link to ensure the vehicle is insured. After that, you need to make the payment within 24 hours. There’s no refund because this is your entry permit.

You need at least three people but no more than 6 in your car when you’re on the road with Hayya.

According to QNA, the entry permit is not a multiple-entry permit. It’s only for one trip.

Motorists are advised not to drive in prohibited areas and to follow traffic restrictions on specific drives during the tournament.

I am only coming for a day – ‘one-day fan’ category

Unlike annual visits, one-day visits allow fans to cross the border into Qatar for the World Cup tournament. To enter, you can show your Hayya card and reserve parking in advance before you get too close to the border.

As an alternative, fans can even book hotels in advance through the Hayya portal. However, they’ll need to approve by the Ministry of Interior first with a one-day fan card.

The parking bays are free of charge for the first 24 hours from the time of entry. But other than that, you need to pay a service fee of one thousand dirhams and an additional fee of 1,000 DH if you park longer than 48 hours. Electronic payment is available through a link sent to your email address when you enter your vehicle on Hayya’s platform.

Starting from November 1, 2022, the parking bays booking service will be available through the Hayya Card.

Fans arriving through buses

Qatar offers transportation options. Some buses cost no or a fixed rate. If you plan to use bus services, you must have a Hayya card with your entry when traveling, and you must enter the arrival terminal of the bus service.

Then the buses will head to the Doha Central Station in the Al Messila area, right outside Abu Samra port. You can also get off at the reception area for friends and family at Al Qalayel por

Humanitarian cases

The Ministry has announced that a new category of fans to enter Qatar will add in the coming days so that people can visit for humanitarian purposes. The Ministry also revealed details about how to apply for the permit, which they will process within six hours of submission.

The applicants must submit their application through the Ministry’s website and are expected to get a timely response from them. If all goes well, an approval email will come in after that. However, this permit is only good once, and the applicant cannot enter Qatar with it except when entering through an airport.


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