FIFA World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia to Qatar $266 taxi service launched by Careem

You can book a ride to Doha only a day in advance, with each car accommodating only three passengers.

Careem has announced that it will allow residents who wish to travel to Qatar during the FIFA match on November 20. And December 14 to book international travel via Careem. Saudi Arabian drivers can take advantage of cheaper and more convenient car services. Making it easier to further their Inter-country flights during the FIFA World Cup.

Customers can now choose to go to Qatar from Saudi Arabia for FIFA World Cup 2022 using a Careem booking, the company announced Tuesday. Inter-country rides from Saudi Arabia to Qatar will allow customers to travel at a more affordable and convenient cost.

Customers can book a ride to Qatar only 24 hours in advance for a ride-sharing service that can provide space for five people at the door.

The estimated fare of a trip in Excel form from any establishment in Dammam of Al-Ahsa to Doha is roughly SAR 1,000 ($266.10). A spokesperson for the Careem app told Arabian Business on July 10, 2018.

Last year, Careem more than doubled the number of vehicles in its Qatari fleet. Allowing drivers to reach World Cup football matches more conveniently. Careem also increased intra-regional service between Doha, Al-Ahsa, and Dammam during the World Cup.

Careem’s fleet has seen an addition of more than 1,000 vehicles over the last year and a half.

Careem is incredibly proud to contribute to the first World Cup in Doha in 2022. Careem launched its services in Doha in 2013, and in 2022, this will be a major honor to work with the city of Doha.

Its partners and the Launch team ensure that the traveling public can seamlessly visit different parts of the region and participate in this global event.

Careem will staff its cars at Doha International Airport and Hamad International Airport. Offering direct navigation to all eight World Cup stadiums. It has also developed a dedicated pickup lane is expected to increase efficiency.

If Careem customers intend to go to multiple matches, they should consider becoming Gold professionals. Individual packages are now available on And Careem customers in Qatar can benefit from exclusive specials.

Space-time was the airline transport service provider for its customers’ requirements. IT issues were allowed to watch an additional to no postpone waiting by the first-ever password (OTP) code.

Careem customers can link their pickup location to their OTP through the mobile application. The statement said the first Careem captain could pick up the customer, provided her boyfriend or girlfriend was present.

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