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Fifa World Cup Organisers Flying Fans To Qatar, Asking For Positive Social Media Feedback

As of April, 1,600 fans of the soccer fellowship that qualified for the 2018 World Cup are being recruited for an all-expenses-paid excursion to Qatar to sing in the opening ceremony and remain for at least two weeks serving as a digital asset of Qatar’s positive social media content surrounding the World Cup and its host nation.

Fans from all 32 teams are required for a five-minute event segment before Qatar takes on Ecuador in the first match in November. 20.

They will recite the chant or sing a song for each country selected by the organizers according to the documents reviewed by the Associated Press. “We will share with you the chant/song selected from your country to ensure you are familiar with it,” organizers said to the crowd.

It has been able to exclude “persons with obvious political affiliation.” And plans to find 30-50 supporters for each team that could prove “their status as a purist fan,” the documents indicate.

The dispatch at Al Bayt Stadium has explained to the country fan groups that they’re scheduled to be filmed on camera. “Be ready to cheer and shout in your shirt, flags, and scarves.”

Economy-class airline tickets have been made available to the fans. Whose expenses will also be reimbursed if they remain in Qatar for the entire tournament and may want to stay in the future?

The project for the opening ceremony will be an expansion of the long-term plan of World Cup organizers to choose “Fan Leaders” in each nation that are required to become social media influencers with”IAMAFAN” as their hashtag “IAMAFAN. “

The most prominent fans are asked to ” incorporate, where appropriate,” the content offered by Qatari organizers and to support this World Cup “by ‘liking’ and re-sharing third party posts.”

The fans’ leaders were advised that “we are not asking you to (be) a mouthpiece for Qatar” and “it would not be appropriate for you to disparage” Qatar or the event.

The influencers must also accept that they will ” report any offensive, degrading or abusive comments” on social media to the organization committee. If it is, it is possible to take photos.

Their statement said they’d spoken to the “Fan Leader Network” of more than 450 people from 59 nations for help in planning the 2018 World Cup

Influencers, Leaders Within Their Communities

The Qataris claim that Influencers are “leaders within their communities.” However, they are not. The Football Supporters Europe group.

UEFA acknowledges working with fans on concerns and has disputed the claim. “What is very clear is that they do not fan representatives. They are employees or volunteers of the World Cup and should be considered as such,” FSE executive director Ronan Evain told the AP.

A total of 1.2 million foreign visitors are expected to Qatar during the tournament lasting for a month, which has been met with doubt and criticism since the gas-rich state was selected to host the tournament by FIFA in December 2010.

Qatar was one from which nine bids to host the 2018 or 2022 World Cup were accepted. , FIFA undertook an investigation aimed at the integrity of the bidding campaigns.

The FIFA ethics committee had only restricted powers to collect evidence. Concluded in a 2014 report published in full three years after, it was clear that there had been widespread misdeeds by the bidders. Still, it did not influence the hosts’ votes. Russia won the 2018 World Cup, and Qatar got the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar has been the subject of severe scrutiny and criticism over its treatment of migrant workers. They were employed to construct crucial World Cup projects, including stadiums. Roads, metro lines, roads, hotels, and apartments are usually under the scorching heat.

FIFA decided to move the World Cup from Qatar to a colder time of year in mid-2015 because Qatar had promised to use air-conditioned stadiums.

The Struggles Lionel Messi Went Through After Losing The World Cup Final

The Argentine footballer ran against Germany in 2014 but could not win the match.

Lionel Messi‘s former agent claims it took the Argentine star some time to overcome Albiceleste’s loss to Germany during the 2014 World Cup Final.

FABIAN SOLDINI spoke to Infobae to say he has a beautiful friendship with his PSG player. He went an extra step by stating that it was difficult for the superstar to take the crushing loss.

“When I was at his house, after 10 years of not seeing him, he told me, ‘Fabi, I’ve been waking up at night thinking about the final in Brazil for a year. I can’t sleep. And I can tell you that. It goes round and round in his head,” Soldini said.


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