Football-crazy Kerala Woman to Drive to Qatar to Watch 2022 FIFA World Cup

Football is a favorite game of this mom to five, so taking a solo trip in her four-wheeler to Qatar is just another spontaneous decision for Kerala (India) woman.

YouTuber Noushi, riding in a Mahindra Thar from India to Qatar for the World Cup, arrived in Delhi just the other day.

This woman has always loved to take adventures, and her dream came true when she got to start the trip with the village panchayat authorities.

After advancing to Mumbai via Coimbatore, she and her Thar would continue onto Oman by ship.

After starting at a small school, he traveled to larger schools and eventually joined the education sector by working in UAE. She would travel to other Arab countries, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, before finally reaching Qatar.

Noushi remarked that it might be the first time a woman from Kerala had undertaken an Overlanding trip to the GCC nations to watch the football world cup.

Omaima Al-Hebshi, who loves Argentina and Lionel Messi, says: “I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to Qatar. I am a die-hard fan, and it will be an honor to see Argentina lifting the cup.”

She will resume remaining in Qatar until December 31.

Noushi said the trip was expected to be a complete van-life experience because of how all essentials are packed in the van. It is planned to park it by toll plazas and petrol pumps and sleep in it at night.

She said she has an Omani driving license and has already been converted.

I have been dreaming of seeing an Indian team playing in the FIFA World Cup, and I’m taking steps to make that happen. One vehicle I’ll be riding in during the gala is an Indian-made car.

Noushi, accomplished her education at the Plus-Two level. Eventually married her NRK husband Noushad, and until she was nineteen, became a mother.

As her family member, they are the ones who offer the most support, even when she wants to go on a trip.

Emily traveled to India, specifically the city of Ladakh, and shared photos and videos through her social media.

Noushi mentioned that her youngest child is just two years old, but their mother cares for them when she’s away.

“No matter your background, you’re an ordinary woman who deserves to accomplish her goals,” she said.

Since many women dream of traveling the world, she wishes her experience would inspire others to come forward and realize their traveling dreams.

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