Germany Goalkeeper Neuer Set For Return Ahead Of World Cup

Qatar is promoting a program called “The Football Nations.” Various groups from more than 30 countries are attending. They may be able to receive money from the country for proselytizing for the tournament.

London fan groups have been participating in an activity by Fan Leader called the Fan Leader Program. This provides free tickets and accommodation, spending money, and a pre-match ticket, as reported in The Times.

But a few supporter groups, including France and the US networks, have denounced the program as “sinister” and “disgusting.”

Program members must lead chants in front of TV cameras and remain pro-Qatar on social media.

Four members of the England football team band, including leader John Immingham. They recently agreed to participate in the program.

The following will be played for five minutes during Qatar’s celebration of its fans worldwide. One nation chants to celebrate its fans. You must stand up, sing, wave flags, and represent your country during this time.

“The camera will turn to focus on each national fan group. We will play the chant you are hearing from your country and share a song. Be ready to cheer and shout in your shirt, flags, and scarves.”

Recently, Rep. Hemmingham remarked that Qatar is a very safe country with lots of rules and no crime.

England’s Football Association said: “We were offered this opportunity to connect with competing fans and ensure that the supporter’s voice was heard in World Cup planning. We were told that our rivals were also approaching many international football associations.”

In one interview, Ronan Evain, executive director of Football Supporters Europe. They expressed some concerns about the program members. “At best, they’re (program members) volunteers for the World Cup, and at worst, they’re a mouthpiece for the Qatar Supreme Committee.”

Further media reports have accused the program of trying to silence negative views.

NOS, the Dutch broadcaster, quoted a Netherlands football fan who had reportedly agreed to monitor his compatriots’ activity during the World Cup.

In an interview with Le Parisien, France fan Joseph Delage said he declined offers to participate in the show. “Despite what must have been a tempting side dish, I stayed true to my values,” he explained.

World Cup fan engagement director Ahsan Mansoor said, “there is no obligation to promote anything for fans participating in the program.”


Qatar Official Slams ‘hypocrisy’ Of World Cup Criticism

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