TapSwap Mission code for today and how to use to earn free coins on Telegram

Let’s find out the daily Cipher Code of Hamster Kombat for July 11 as it’s time to unlock up to 1 million coins

So, are you ready to find out today’s answer and how to earn more coins in the Hamster Kombat Telegram game. If yes, then let’s dive in the details together!

Hamster Kombat’s Daily Cipher Combo Code for July 11, 2024

For the unversed, Daily Cipher is a routine task that you can leverage to unlock 1 million coins as a reward.

Unlike the daily combination of three cards you need to select to solve the Daily Combo challenge, the Daily Cipher is a word you need to input into the game using the international Morse Code standards.

A new cipher is released daily at 7 PM GMT and today’s i.e, July 11’s Cipher Code is “WHALE.” Here’s how you can input it:

W: .- – (dot dash dash)
H: …. (dot dot dot dot)
A: .- (dot dash)
L: .-.. (dot dash dot dot)
E: . (dot)

Let us remind you, Wait at least 1.5 seconds before entering the second sequence of a letter to ensure the app recognizes it correctly.

How to Increase Coin Rewards

If you wish to increase your earnings then you simply needs to follow a few steps such as:

Regularly invest in upgrades for your exchange, such as Markets, PR & Team, and Legal enhancements.

Hamster Kombat allows you to accumulate free coins for up to three hours while offline. After that, you need to log in to claim your earnings and reset the timer. Regular check-ins maximize your passive coin income.

Execute the Daily Combo by selecting the correct set of cards each day. This can earn you up to 5 million coins daily.

Players can invite friends to unlock more additional earning opportunities.

Participate in the game’s daily rewards system. These can range from a few hundred coins to millions, depending on the day.

Consistently claiming these rewards without missing a day increases your earnings significantly.

Follow Hamster Kombat’s official social media channels, such as X, Facebook, and YouTube. Completing tasks related to these platforms, like watching videos or engaging with posts, can earn you additional coins.

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