How Qatar is planning to ensure security at World Cup 2022

Qatar security teams and agencies from 12 nations have held a five-day drill.

Qatar will deploy over 100,000 personnel to guarantee a smooth World Cup. The host country has signed a series of security cooperation deals with foreign countries. An estimated 1.2 million tourists have expected to visit Qatar during the competition, which runs from November 20 to December 18.

Security personnel from Qatar and individual partners from 13 countries have conducted a five-day security exercise representing Qatar’s first-ever mock invasion. I was profiled in the article. The drills were conducted to test readiness. And the responsiveness of the emergency services, local media reported.

The conference of the game’s duty committee designed the games under the name “Watan (the Arabic term for the country), which involved about 31,000 members of the security establishment and about 17,000 private security personnel.

Which countries are assisting?

Turkey announced that it works out of more than 3,000 riot police officers to secure soccer stadiums and resorts. It said that Turkey would also send 100 special operations police officers. Also, 50 bomb detection experts and 80 dogs search public areas.

Turkish interior minister Kudret Ozersay announced in January 2019. He trained 677 Qatari security officers in 38 professions using his intelligence network.

Islamabad agreed to send troops to Qatar to protect citizens of the soccer country during August. The troops ended their stay in Doha last month, according to Radio Pakistan, the state broadcaster.

The French parliament planned to deploy about 220 security personnel to the Gulf state of Qatar in March 2019. Security officials think the deployment will ensure the safety of fans. Also including the French population.

Qatar and Morocco also signed an agreement to maintain security during the event. A year ago, it was reported that security officials in Rabat would be sent to Qatar during the event.

In May, the U.K. Ministry of Defense announced that it would support Qatar’s successful world cup bid by allowing it in a war-conscious atmosphere.

Qatar will receive military defense services from the Royal Navy. And other military capabilities to counter-terrorism and security threats to sporting events. Britain will provide training to special operations personnel.

Communications specialists and high-level military decision-makers. Functional training, operational planning. And command and control support, in addition to the ministry, said.

Qatar collaborates with the United States Department of Defense to establish temporary technological arrangements during the FIFA World Cup.

The two contributors to the cooperation aspect of the police system’s operations planning try to get tasks and schedules for the sides’ tasks related to cooperation.

The US-led military group and other elements of Qatar’s defense establishment have planned and implemented financial backing for Qatar’s preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The National reported in 2021 that steps were also being taken in Jordan. To prevent former Jordanian soldiers from participating in the eighth World Cup in Qatar.

At this time, security measures geared towards monitoring footage from all World Cup stadiums in Qatar are becoming evident. There is now a central command center to keep track of the resulting footage.

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