How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Belgium [2022]

If you’re in Belgium and want to know how to watch the World Cup, read on! The best ways to follow the action from the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Belgium are outlined in this article.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is right around the corner. Enthusiastic football followers get ready for a great competition. Regardless of where you are in the world, there are several options for keeping up with the activity. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Belgium.

TV Channel
  • RTBF 
  • DPG Media 
  • Eleven Sports
Live Stream
  • Fubo TV 
  • Sling Blue
  • RTBF
  • DPG Media 
  • Eleven Sports
  • ExpressVPN
Without Caple
  • RTBF
  • DPG Media 
  • Eleven Sports


How to live stream world cup 2022 from Belgium 

In Belgium, the FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on RTBF, DPG Media, and Eleven Sports, who are all Official Broadcasters. Enjoy their streaming from any location and at any time, thanks to their streaming service. The service streaming is offered by every one of them.

Apps to Live Stream the Qatar World Cup in Belgium

Several different streaming service applications allow users in Belgium to watch the World Cup. These apps include Fubo TV, Sling Blue, RTBF, DPG Media, and Eleven Sports. If you are in Belgium and want to watch the World Cup, you may do so using any of these apps. Every one of them has its specialized app.

Official Channel Broadcasting The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Belgium

Belgium has three official broadcasters: RTBF, DPG Media, and Eleven Sports. They have channels that are solely dedicated to the event of the FIFA world cup.

How To watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Belgium Without Cable?

A subscription to RTBF, DPG Media or Eleven Sports is your best bet if you live in Belgium and want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 but don’t have cable TV.

How to watch Football World Cup Live Streaming In Belgium Via VPN

ExpressVPN is the service to use if you currently live in Belgium and want to avoid having to spend any money to watch the FIFA World Cup. Currently, free platforms such as BBC I player, SBS, and will be showing the actions. You can obtain access by selecting the server in Russia, Australia, or the United Kingdom, depending on which country best suits your needs.

How can I watch the FIFA World Cup on mobile For Free?

You may watch the World Cup on your mobile device for free if you download BBC iPlayer and just pick the UK server on your virtual private network (VPN).

Where Can I watch World Cup in Belgium Language?

The Dutch and French languages are the most widely spoken in Belgium. RTBF broadcasts in French on its designated channel, while VRT broadcasts in Dutch on its channel.

Group Fixture

[Group F – Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Morocco]

Match Date Fixture Venue Local Time
Wed, Nov. 23 Morocco vs. Croatia Al Bayt Stadium 11.00 AM
Wed, Nov. 23 Canada vs. Belgium Ahmad Bin Ali 8:00 PM
Sun, Nov. 27 Morocco vs. Belgium Al Thumama Stadium 1.00 PM
Sun, Nov. 27 Canada vs. Croatia Khalifa Int’l 2:00 PM
Thurs, Dec. 1 Croatia vs. Belgium Ahmad Bin Ali 4.00 PM
Thurs, Dec. 1 Canada vs. Morocco Al Thumama 4.00 PM


World Cup Bracket

Round of 16 Matchups

  • A1 vs. B2
  • B1 vs. A2
  • C1 vs. D2
  • D1 vs. C2
  • E1 vs. F2
  • F1 vs. E2
  • G1 vs. H2
  • H1 vs. G2

Quarter-Finals Matchups

  • (A1 v B2) vs. (C1 v D2)
  • (B1 v A2) vs. (D1 v C2)
  • (E1 v F2) vs. (G1 v H2)
  • (F1 v E2) vs. (H1 v G2)

Semi-Finals Matchups;

  • 1 vs. 3
  • 2 vs. 4

Regarding watching the World Cup on television in Belgium, we went to great lengths to provide as much information as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies in advance if any of the information turns out to be inaccurate; be assured this was not the intention.

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