Injured France Midfielder Paul Pogba Out Of FIFA World Cup

Since moving from Man United in the offseason, the French midfielder has never returned to Juventus. His right knee sustained a tear soon after re-signing their contract with them in July.

The agent revealed on Monday that Paul Pogba would be unable to participate in France’s World Cup defense. He requires more time to recuperate after knee surgeries. “Following yesterday’s and today’s medical review in Torino and Pittsburgh.

It is excruciating to inform Paul Pogba will still need recovery time from his surgery,” said Rafaela Pimenta. “For this reason, Paul will not be able to join Juventus’ squad before the World Cup break nor the French National Team in Qatar.”

Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri had previously expressed concern that Wanda Ninkovic. A 29-year-old central midfielder might not play for his team for the remainder of the Series A season before the 2022 World Cup.

According to Italian media, soccer player Paul Pogba showed up at the Turin Gendarmerie prison around midday on Monday, where prosecutor Francesco Caffarolega greeted him.

He was later discharged and stated by pretrial services that he would be out for as much as 15 days. Pogba didn’t play for Juventus since re-signing for them in the summer, injuring the meniscus in his right knee in July.

In September of the Current year, he was thinking a bit about participating in the Qatar Cup. Even after receiving surgery after suffering an injury. However, since returning to training last month, Pogba has changed his mind and opted for surgery.

Another blow to a dull year was Manchester United’s captain. And World Cup winner Paul Pogba quarreled with his sibling. In September, he was charged with two other individuals, accused of attempting to extort money from him in a nefarious plot.

Paul Pogba claimed to officials that his blackmailers attempted to bring his reputation through cynical accusations. He asked who was casting a spell on him and France soccer superstar Kylian Mbappe. Pogba denies the claim.


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