International, Arab Personalities Note Qatar's Efforts In Organizing Exceptional World Cup Edition.

Athletes and entertainers of Arabic and international renown were awed by Qatar’s good preparations for the World Cup, which they perceived as having well surpassed all their expectations.

The praise they have voiced continues to pile up following the event, with a view that the 2022 edition will become a historic milestone in the history of the World Cup and boost state prestige.

By investing millions. The State of Qatar will show the world that it is capable of exceptional athletic preparations for the 2022 World Cup that have never been awarded to any other organization.

The state of Qatar will exhibit to the world a typical effort that has never been awarded to any other entity before.

Amid these contexts. The former member of the Tunisian Parliament, Iyad Dahmani, said during his remarks to the Tunisian radio station Mosaique FM that.

All Arabs are awaiting the arrival of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in its Qatari edition for the first Arab and Middle-Eastern country. The world will impress by viewing the premium hospitality and high-level organization.

The State of Qatar has been organizing this event for years to impress the world. Including the high-quality services will highlight what an Arab country can offer for a major event like the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The pride in organizing a series of major global tournaments. Its previous track record of success makes Qatar an outstanding choice to host a major event like FIFA 2022.

Fernando Mira, the former Portuguese footballer, and football manager, explained that. Qatar is a wonderful country with excellent opportunities for football lovers and those who enjoy professionalism. He felt the World Cup in Qatar was a wonderful opportunity for the state and the region.

Samih Al-Maaytah, a Jordanian writer. The State of Qatar did an excellent job preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. It was only an Arab achievement after centuries of efforts to recruit and organize large-scale sporting events.

The Arabs have to involve with the State of Qatar and its people shortly before the coming World Cup. He and his family are proud of the Arab achievement here since it had felt that the World Cup would be held in the region by Qatari hands, especially as the world will now witness the amazing transformation of this desert land of Qatar.

Muhammad Al-Habarneh. A contributor to Jordanian culture noted that the state of Qatar has spent a lot of effort preparing an inspiring edition of the World Cup and has upgraded all its roads and transport systems.

Besides creating historic stadiums that are now standard in the Arab region. Also, Qatar has prepared itself to receive more than three million people.


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