Journalist Mayank Saxena passed away, cause of death reason, biography and age

Sadly, Mayank Saxena who was a well-known poet, journalist, and activist, died in a hospital in Delhi, have a look at his death reason and age as he passed away

The passing of Mayank Saxena has shocked the activist and literary communities. His friends and colleagues are grieving the loss of a gifted and driven person.

Journalist and poet Mayank Saxena passed away, cause of death reason, biography and age

He was in his 30s and a notable figure in a number of artistic domains. He died due to a heart attack due to asthma.

Prolific author Mayank Saxena was well-known for his potent poetry, which frequently tackled injustices and societal concerns. His writing was praised for its lyrical elegance and provocative sentiments, which won him a devoted readership and admirers.

Apart from his writing, Mayank Saxena was a highly esteemed journalist, renowned for his astute reporting and unwavering dedication to veracity and openness. He gained a reputation as a brave defender of justice via his relentless efforts to expose wrongdoing and make those in positions of authority accountable.

Mayank Saxena was a passionate activist who supported a wide range of causes, including human rights and environmental conservation. His desire for bringing about positive change motivated many others to join him in his endeavours, and he was well-known for his unflinching dedication to improving the world.

Mayank Saxena’s death

Given the hazy nature of the incident, the circumstances behind Mayank Saxena’s death are still unknown. But as per the hospital, he passed away after suffering a heart attack.

Mayank Saxena passed away at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital, and his remains are being sent to Lucknow. Several others shared their astonishment and grief on social media, where Mayank was active until yesterday, regarding his passing.

“Heartfelt Condolences to family, friends and comrades of Mayank Saxena. A poet, musician, ideator, singer, journalist, activist, and humanist. It is shocking to know the untimely demise of a young Mayank. Red Salute to Mayank,” CPIM Maharashtra posted on X.

Well-known Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar wrote, “Shocked to learn of the tragic and untimely demise of the relentless Mayank Saxena. Such spirit and enthusiasm! She further added that she regret not staying in touch with him more, remembering the warmth he always radiated when they met.

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