fifa tickets

FIFA sold tickets for the games on is first-come, first-served basis. This implies that the first person to purchase tickets will receive them. There aren’t really any reservations.

During the first two sales rounds, FIFA sold 1.8 million match tickets. The total quantity of tickets offered was not disclosed by the Federation.

Three million tickets can be sold in total. 2 million of these tickets are made available to the public. For FIFA’s partners, which include member federations, advertisers, and hospitality partners, 1 million seats have been set aside.

In the first two sales rounds, 40 million match tickets were requested. On August 16, 2022, the present series sales will end. But extra seats might subsequently turn up if stakeholders return their allotted tickets. Moreover, as fans return pre-purchased tickets once their teams are ousted, more tickets can become accessible even during the event.

Doha, which only has a population of 2.4 million people and a small number of accommodations, is preparing for a big inflow of tourists for the 32-team competition.

According to Qatar, there will be 130,000 rooms available in hotels, residences, shops, and camps, where 1,000 classic tents will be present. People will be able to avail of Split rooms for as little as $85 per night.

The capability at Doha’s airport has increased, and the nation has also organized over 160 round-trip aircraft to bring in spectators. The government anticipates that the World Cup will boost the country’s economy by around 17 billion USD.

Tickets are offered to supporters via FIFA’s official website. They would need to purchase the tickets then subscribe on the portal.

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