New concussion protocol in place for World Cup 2022

FIFA’s medical staff will amicably work with the new team physicians in the Emirate of Qatar.

In the 2014 final, German midfielder Christoph Kramer fell to the ground after another collision with Argentina’s Ezequiel Garay. After a lengthy operation, he was allowed to play but approached the referee Nicola Rizzoli and said, Ref, is this the last?

It was discovered following Kramer’s fall that she had suffered a concussion. Also known as a mild traumatic brain injury that affects the brain’s ability.

‘suspect And Protect.’

This is the type of situation FIFA wishes to avoid with the development of new methods to identify and treat concussive injuries.

This is the FIFA Medical Concussion Protocol, which follows the philosophy protect suspects. The protocol provides team physicians and medics with a step-by-step guide for handling concussions.

FIFA’s Medical Director, Dr. Andrew Massey, affirms that this guide begins with baseline screening of all players, which affords the team doctor a chance to determine how an individual player’s brain functions. And to help educate him about the gravity of concussive injuries.

Speaking on FIFA’s Living Football radio show, Ahmed Al-Kuwari highlighted the compactness of Qatar’s geography as a boon to World Cup organizers.

Due to the relatively small size of Qatar. We can heavily centralize our healthcare services to efficiently form a large polyclinic.

Former Liverpool F.C. head of medical services Massey believes that FIFA’s medical team will work closely with medical staff associated with the member associations, perhaps suggesting things we hadn’t considered or hadn’t considered.

This close relationship with the team doctors allows them to suggest ideas that the team wasn’t aware of or hadn’t considered.

Concussions can produce symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. Or general confusion and can appear anytime. This stresses the medical staff. Who must decide whether to put a player back in the game after sustaining a collision because of the symptoms or if the player is observable?

Additional Permanent Concussion Substitution

In the case of a probable or verified concussion, the procedure following a Qatar World Cup match allows for one additional PTSD substitution (APC). This substitution allows a team to withdraw a player that may have been injured.

But does not impact the five acceptable substitutions. The opposing team has granted an additional substitution with each APCs. To penalize the opposing team for using this substitution.

Until now, this is the first instance of an injury resulting from a rule at a World Cup. Medical staff will also be trained to recognize video technology of possible concussions.

In February 2021, two additional permanent concussion substitutions (APCs) were permitted in the Premier League. The Premier League, the Football Association, and English Football League presently consider reimbursement for the rule.

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