Nicki Minaj Ignores Backlash, Confirms 2022 Qatar World Cup Song

Despite criticism from her fans regarding Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance. Nicki Minaj said she’s still planning to appear in the World Cup song.

Nicki Minaj squashed the controversy surrounding her appearance on the 2002 World Cup anthem. She confirmed that she is indeed featured in the song and called it “the most 2010 track ever.”

Months after teasing the idea of a new track in an Instagram post, Bebe Rexha announced that the song would be called “Never Enough.” After winning the MTV EMAs with her single, she posted a double image on her Insta.

It showed three pairs of football boots at the end of her DJ reel and thanked fans for their support.

The boots feature Nicki Minaj, Colombian singer Maluma, and Lebanese singer Myriam Fares’ names and the single’s release date.

However, many were concerned that Nicki Minaj has many loyal fanbase members who could not safely watch the World Cup in Qatar. Many worried that the country’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance would affect her fanbase.

One fan reminded Nicki Minaj that the LGBTQ activists in Qatar who she had been supporting are now at risk and are being oppressed. Qatar was just voted one of the worst places in the world for gay rights. Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

Nicki Minaj is taking heat from her fans for posting a song with lyrics that support the Qatar cup. This was created for and sponsored by a country with strict laws against LGBTQ+ persons.

Despite Nicki Minaj confirming the track on Tuesday, the official World Cup anthem revealed itself when the pre-save link was posted on Tuesday morning.

Due to the time difference, it’s been announced that Tukoh Taka will be released on Saturday, a day before the World Cup kick-off on November 20.


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