Portaloos And Home Security Qatar Braces For Fifa World Cup Influx

A large white, sparkling World Cup stadium looms at the end of the street in Al Thumama.

Approximately 60,000 Football fans will march past the tidy villas and mosques that line the route to the stadium. There eight tournament matches will be held.

On Tuesday, people were putting up temporary barriers on sidewalks to control crowds and setting up portable toilets on their properties. They were also beefing up home security in anticipation of the World Cup kickoff on November 20th.

“We have to be careful. We leave our doors open all year round, so for one month, we’ll close them,” said resident Ahmed Al Kuwari.

Qataris are used to living in one of the world’s safest countries, but they’re increasingly concerned about potential crime when 1.2 million more people visit. For example, Qatar only has a population of 3 million.

This makes it easier for middle-easterners to reunite with their family members at special occasions such as weddings, mosques, and restaurants.

Sara Al Ansari, a Qatari lecturer, and her family and friends have installed security cameras out of concern for their valuables.

Significant roads closed for public safety along the seafront corniche in Doha is being transformed into a 6km fan zone for the tournament.

Especially during the group stage, traffic flow is going to be necessary. During each match day, four games will be played at different stadiums in Doha. Organizers have created an unprecedented World Cup promise: attendees can go to multiple games on that same day.

To reduce the number of cars on the roads and make room for people watching the tournament. The government allowed 80% of its employees to start working from home as of Tuesday.

Schools will also reduce hours for the next two weeks before closing for a few days. Parents who work are going to be incredibly frustrated.

“The little ones will just be entertained and drive us nuts,” said a parenting blogger from Qatar.

“It will be challenging for sure,” the anonymous blogger said. “Especially for families with both of the parents working.”

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