PUBG Mobile A8 Royal Pass (RP) rewards list, leaks, pre-order release and end date and cost

Check out the rewards and details of the PUBG Mobile A8 Royal Pass pre-order as the publisher behind the game, Level Infinite, has announced the pre-order rewards for the highly anticipated A8 Royale Pass

The Global PUBG Mobile fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the A8 Royale Pass. For all those gaming enthusiasts, the developers have come up with a big gift as they announce this big news.

Still confused? Well, to tell you simply, the A8 Royale Pass pre-order is now available, bringing new and exciting rewards to enhance your gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile A8 Royal Pass (RP) rewards list, leaks, pre-order release and end date and cost details

For those who are trying to Pre-order A8 Royale Pass, let us tell you, the pre-order benefits include early access to select items, extra in-game currency, and exclusive cosmetics.

The pre-order window is open from July 9 to July 15, and fans need to act quickly as it closes with the commencement of the main pass.

Each season, the developers captivate gamers with thrilling new content, and the A8 Royale Pass is no exception. Here we have provided you more detail about the exciting rewards and details for the PUBG A8 Royale Pass.

Pre-order Cost

For those who wish to pre-order can do so by paying a total of 720 UC for Elite A8 Royale Pass and a sum of 1920 UC for A8 Royale Elite Pass Plus. Let us remind you once again, you can only pre-order these pass from July 9 to July 15. So, hurry up if you want to grab the opportunity.

How to Pre-order?

If you wish to pre-order the A8 Royale Pass, however, you aren’t aware how to do, then follow these simple steps:

Firstly users need to update their mobile game. After updating the app from the app store, open it and visit the in-game store. Followed by that purchase the pre-order.

After successfully purchasing the pre-order claim the free pre-order rewards.

What are Pre-order Rewards

The pre-order rewards for A8 Royale Pass include:

Premium Crate Coupons
RP Cards
Boat Skin
Exclusive Jet Plane Skin (15 days)
New victory dance (Only for Elite Pass Plus)
Exclusive Avatar Frame (Only for Elite Pass Plus)
Exclusive StingRay Skin (Permanent)

The estimated value of these RP perks is over 80,000 UC, providing a substantial boost to gameplay. Players who pre-order the A8 Royale Pass can look forward to a range of exciting rewards designed to enhance their gaming experience.

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