Qatar Pressed On Safety Of Women Travelling To World Cup

Lawyers are representing a group of women subjected to an invasive search at Doha Airport two years ago. Pressed on the Sunday of Qatar to ensure that female fans who travel to next month’s soccer World Cup will be safe.

Five women have filed a lawsuit against Qatar Airways. And the state-run Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. After they have barred from flights for non-consensual female gynecological tests in October 2020.

“This group of women was required to appear before a courthouse to relay a message in the direction of Qatar. That what occurred was not correct and shouldn’t Allow occur again,” lawyer Damian Sturzaker spoke to AFP.

“With this year’s World Cup less than a month away. Female travelers can expect to receive a promise by Qatar that their rights as human beings will Protect.”

Authorities in Doha searched for the mother of a newborn left behind in an airport bathroom.

When the child has found, the airport has closed down. And women on around ten flights have been taken into ambulances. They would be subject to intense tests to determine whether they’d recently delivered a baby.

The incident triggered a massive diplomatic crisis and resulted in the issue of a “sincerest apology” from the premier of Qatar.

Two years later, a group of women has taken Qatari authorities to court in Australia. And are seeking unspecified expenses and damages for the devastating impact of the incident.

Over the past month, papers have filed with an Australian federal court regarding five women aged 31 to 73. They were passengers on Qatar Airways Flight QR908 from Doha to Sydney. One was legally blind, and another was accompanying her five-month-old child.

While the plane was on the runway, the cabin announcement urged all passengers to exit the plane with their passports. And “persons dressed in dark uniforms with guns walked into the aircraft.”

Four women were later taken into ambulances, their clothes removed. And they were subjected to brutal tests of their genitals, in one case, the stomach, and breasts.

One mother had her infant son lying on her chest at the time.

All of the women are believed to suffer from post-traumatic stress.

They are suing Qatar Airways and the authorities for negligence, assault, and battery. Also, false imprisonment, among other violations against the law.

Qatar Airways and the government of Qatar did not respond immediately to inquiries for clarification. The authorities have stated previously that they will pursue charges against the people responsible for the searches.

Afraid of causing devastating reputational and commercial damage. Qatar has repeatedly vowed to ensure the future “safety and safety” of its passengers.

The court case coincides with the fact that Qatar is preparing to host at minimum one million people to watch the FIFA World Cup from November 20.

The Gulf nation has been subject to intense scrutiny of its human rights record before the start of the tournament. There have also been fears about strict local customs and practices that could cause problems for foreign tourists.

The wearing of the Muslim veil isn’t a requirement for women. However, they must dress “modestly” when they go out, completely covered from shoulders to knees.

Sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal and are punishable by flogging even though there’s no evidence of the date it was last used.

In November 2020, Qatari authorities claimed to have discovered the parent of an abandoned child. Also, the “fugitive” mother is from an Asian country. She is facing 15 years in prison in the event of her arrest.

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