Qatar Will Host A Safe World Cup, Says US CENTCOM Commander

“The top US military general for the Middle East has expressed great confidence in the Qatari Armed Forces’ ability to host a safe and secure FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We have great confidence in the ability of Qatari armed forces to host the World Cup safely, CENTCOM Commander H E General Michael Kurilla has said.”

During a brief interview during his visit to Qatar, General Rupert Kurilla discussed the US-Qatar military partnership and Allied security, weapons, and defense. The relationship between Qatar and the US is exceedingly essential. This partnership is essential to the region, Qatar, and the US.

In light of the increasingly complicated threats to security in the world. A shared vision for security is just as relevant as it was in the past. Said Qatar’s defense chief, referring to relations between Qatar. And the United States dating even before the CENTCOM was formed.

The General noted that American President Joe Biden personally voiced his loyalty to Qatar as a long-standing non-NATO ally. Making clear to American officials the high value they place on their relationship with the latter.

We maintain a close partnership with Qatar’s army within CENTCOM. This relationship is vital for our regional advantage.

Gen. Kurilla highlighted our strategic approach as consisting of three words. Those are People, partners, and innovation. Our strong military allies in the region, such as the Qatar Armed Forces, are crucial for security and civil stability in the region.

A country cannot solve its problems on its own, and no nation can go it alone in solving the region’s considerable challenges. Our partnership with Qatar has aimed toward strengthening it.

We are committed to Qatar’s incredible service for safeguarding American and Afghan lives. Qatar’s Armed Forces are keenly focused on hosting the World Cup, General George E. Kurilla stated.

He said that the United States values its strong partnership with the Qatar Air Force. And our strategic approach consists of four concepts: People, Partners, Innovation, and Strength.

We must rely mainly on our eliminated military partners in the specific region, including the Qatar Air Force, for the protection of the security and stability of that area.

No nation can go by itself, and the complete involvement of no nation can move through any of its issues.

One of the primary goals for Qatar-US military cooperation is to work out regional security concerns. We have various training exercises with Qatar Armed Forces throughout the year. Focusing on border security, air defense, and air-ground integration.

The Qatar Armed Forces and the US Department of Defense wish for something similar. Solving conflicts, safeguarding regional stability, exterminating violent extremist groups, and eliminating regional tensions.

Gen. Philippe Kurilla served in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, and Iraq. Also, Kosovo-Macedonia, Panama, and Saudi Arabia.


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