Randall Cobb Wife

Aiyda Ghahramani Cobb, wife of NFL star Randall Cobb and an extraordinary individual herself. A registered patent attorney specializing in chemical patent, biotechnology and pharmaceutical law practices; Aiyda earned both her undergraduate degree in biological sciences at Rutgers in 2011 as well as law degrees at both New Hampshire Law Schools subsequently. As such she has become adept in patent infringement litigation proceedings at both federal and state levels of court.

How Did Randall and Aiyda Meet?

Randall and Aiyda met just days prior to the 2011 NFL Draft in New York City and quickly developed into something much deeper over time, beginning as friends at first before transitioning into romance by 2014. As their friendship deepened into romanticism they eventually found each other irreplaceable! Since 2014 they’ve remained together.

When Did Randall and Aiyda Get Married?

Randall and Aiyda exchanged vows at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan where they first met and later got engaged, on April 15, 2017 during a glamorous black tie affair attended by close family, including Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay Packers fame as well as Jordy Nelson who played alongside Randall on their teams during his Green Bay days.

How Has Their Family Grown?

Randall and Aiyda have welcomed two sons into their family since August 1018 (Caspian Cyrus was born August 10, 2018, followed by Cade Rumi on January 23, 2020), sharing updates and milestones through social media showcasing how much joy there is between family members. They regularly post posts from precious family moments on social media that illustrate this happiness as the couple celebrate strong family ties – each child representing something special for this couple!

What Roles Do They Play in Each Other’s Lives?

Aiyda serves not only as Randall’s wife and biggest fan during his NFL career. In turn, Randall has provided support during crucial moments like Aiyda’s bar exam preparation; further demonstrating their mutual admiration and deep understanding for one another’s professional goals.

How Have They Handled Recent Family Crises?

In June 2023, the Cobb family experienced a terrifying event: fire caused by their Tesla charger destroyed their garage and threatened their Nashville home – yet all members, including Louie the dog managed to safely evacuate without injury or harm being done to themselves or any surrounding structures. Randall and Aiyda expressed their appreciation to both Nashville Fire Department for responding swiftly as well as for community members’ help during such a trying time.


Randall and Aiyda Cobb’s journey together is an inspiring example of friendship turning into lasting love. Over the course of almost forty years together they have managed to combine professional success, personal development, family values commitments and romantic bliss into an inspiring union that continues to inspire many as they navigate life’s trials together while celebrating its joys together.

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