Sergio Ramos: Unfortunately, I'll Have To Watch The World Cup From Home

After not being chosen by Luis Enrique for the World Cup 2022 squad, Sergio Ramos released a statement through social media.

On November 11th, the Spanish national team coach announced who would be playing in Qatar. They likewise removed one player from the selection of the 26, despite having been on the initial list.

“This is part of my life that I’ve been waiting for,” Ramos said. “It was one of those dreams I’ve always wanted to come true.”

“It would have been my fifth, but unfortunately, it’ll be at home.”

Sergio Ramos has started 2022/23 in good form.

Injuries were a problem during his first season at PSG. However, he has taken the opportunity to return to being one of the key players for this French soccer team.

“It was tough last season, with injuries and adapting to a new club and a different city,” Morel has explained.

“I worked my body and soul to recover and rebuild my life back to where I wanted it to be, guided by the objectives and hopes that one always sets and sets oneself.”

The Spanish central defender has shown his regret at not being able to be at the World Cup.

Looking at the positives

Even though he is getting back to his best, Ramos doesn’t seem content.

“I’m happy now that this season is over, and I feel like myself again,” Hamou Diarra said. “I’m again enjoying football, my club, and a great city like Paris.”

Regardless of the hurdles, every day, the sun comes out again. Nothing will change you, your mentality, your passion, your perseverance, nor the effort and dedication of 24 hours thinking about football.

“This is my feeling, and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you all for your love; many challenges and goals exist. See you soon. I wish you all the best.”

Cristiano Ronaldo can get back at his critics by winning the World Cup.

Real Madrid announced that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United to pursue other opportunities. He’ll soon be looking to use the 2022 Qatar World Cup to sway public opinion back in his favor and possibly convince other clubs to sign him.

After it was released that he’d been forced to leave Manchester United, he blamed them for betraying him.

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He said he doesn’t respect Erik ten Hag as a coach, which means he will not be at the club past the January transfer window.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2022/23 season

Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored three goals and assisted two so far in the competition, and that’s an astonishing number for the top scorer in football history.

The World Cup is an excellent opportunity for the Portuguese to return to form and have a great tournament. It will put Portugal in more financial shape and open doors for them during the transfer window.

Cristiano Ronaldo can show off his comeback-like skills in the World Cup and get back at his critics.

Cristiano Ronaldo can show off his comeback-like skills in the World Cup and get back at his critics.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s role with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Portugal teammate, Pedro Mendes, has weighed in on the transfer saga. On a podcast called “Ladbroke Fanzone,” he said CR7 would fit right in.

“You can’t have someone like him in your team as a bench player,” he said. You don’t want a star player focusing on winning instead of setting the right example for your team.

“Sometimes it is difficult for a normal player to sit on the bench.”

The first sentence implies that most players are a regular occurrence. The second sentence means that sitting on the bench is unusual. Whether or not either sentence is true depends on who’s playing the sport and what sport is being discussed.

“A coach has to prepare his players for the entire game duration, not just the outcome.”

With Portugal, the No.7 remains a starter and should lead his team in Qatar. Even if he is also criticized for his national team performance, No.7 is an essential player in Portugal’s success in the tournament.


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