TapSwap Mission code for today and how to use to earn free coins on Telegram

TapSwap is a popular and trending Telegram mini app where players can earn TAPS coins by engaging in various activities, find out more about the TapSwap missiong Code for today and how to use it below

The game has garnered over 46 million players as of June 2024 due to its simple yet engaging tap-to-earn mechanics.

TapSwap Mission code for today and how to use to earn free TAPS coins

Any interested user or player with a smartphone or similar device can simply choose to participate in the game.

TapSwap Code

TapSwap is a newly introduced minigame where players can use items to gain coins and rewards. Under the game, users can use the ‘TapSwap Code’ as a daily unique identifier to complete specific missions within the TapSwap minigame. Users have to simply enter the correct code daily and instantly earn a significant number of coins.

According to reports, using the daily TapSwap code is one of the most lucrative ways to earn coins. Users can gain up to 200,000 coins using the code. Notably, the TapSwap code is a new feature to the app and it is updated daily. As such, users can avail new opportunities to access it every day.

TapSwap how to access the new mission

Users need the TapSwap code to access the new mission in the task section of the TapSwap mini-app. Given below is the step-by-step proces to access it:

  • Open the TapSwap Mini App by launching the TapSwap app on your respective device
  • Navigate to the Tasks option
  • Click on the ‘Tasks’ section from the main menu that appears on your screen
  • Check for the mission option under the ‘Cinema’ section
  • Click on the “Watch the First Video” option
  • Extract the by watching a video to get the code

Users can simply follow these steps to access the daily new missions. Much to the delight of users though, today’s TapSwap daily code for June 29, 2024 is 739002. After accessing the code, users can follow the steps below to use it and earn their coins.

How to use the TapSwap Code and earn coins

Given below is the step-by-step process to use the TapSwap Code and earn coins:

  • Access the TapSwap Telegram Bot
  • Go to the TapSwap Telegram bot option
  • Open the Mini Game in the app
  • Head to the mini-game section within the bot
  • Now select the Task Menu by click on the ‘Tasks’ option
  • Choose the ‘Cinema’ option
  • Click on the “Watch The First Video.” option
  • Enter the code (739002) into the given field
  • Now submit the code to complete the mission

Once a user completes all these steps, they will instantly receive 200,000 TapSwap coins in their account balance.

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