FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets

The FIFA World Cup is the greatest football tournament in history. There is no denying the popularity this quadrennial event has worldwide. Millions of fans worldwide attend every iteration of the event to support their favorite team.

This year is no exception. The event is more popular this year as a result of a few decisions from Qatar. The World Cup will debut in the wake of winter for the first time. Also, Qatar management built the stadiums for this event entirely differently for the least carbon footprint possible.

As a result, FIFA already sold 1.2 million tickets moments after the release period. After short unavailability, the rest of the tickets are available for fans to buy. This article contains more detail on the descriptions and prices of the tickets.

Hayya Card for World Cup 2022:

Qatar has made a special requirement for fans to join World Cup this year. Attendees need to apply for a digital permit named “Hayya Card”. It is mandatory to attend matches. But it comes with several benefits. These include free public transport for match attendees on match days.

As a small tourist nation, Qatar has a bustling tourist season in November and December. As a result, they’ve made the Hayya card necessary to join the event this year. After buying a match ticket and booking accommodation, fans can apply for a Hayya card via The card doesn’t require any additional service fees.

Place to Buy World Cup 2022 Tickets:

Tickets for the upcoming tournament are currently available at They are also available to apply for on FIFA affiliate partners. The committee is selling on a first come first serve basis. The recent sales phase went from 5 April to 28 April. Currently, Qatar is trying to control the ticket count. As such tickets are unavailable at this moment.

A third ticket sales phrase is set to held soon. The details will be updated on the event accordingly.

Category of Tickets:

To ensure the best experience while keeping the price minimum possible, this year’s committee divided the tickets into 3 types. Details and prices of the tickets based on these types are listed below. The price is listed in the Qatari Rial rate. The rate is same for both international and Qatari fans.

Individual Match Tickets:

These are tickets for a specific match. They are available in 4 different price categories.

Match Type CAT-1 CAT-2 CAT-3 CAT-4 Accessibility
Opening Match 2250 1600 1100 200 200
Group Match 800 600 250 40 40
Round of 16 1000 750 350 70 70
Quarter-Finals 1550 1010 750 300 300
Semi-Finals 3480 2400 1300 500 500
3rd Place 1550 1100 750 300 300
Final 5850 3650 2200 750 750

Supporter Tickets (ST) and Conditional Supporter Tickets (CST):

Supporter tickets are group stage tickets for supporters of a certain team. Whereas Conditional Supporter Ticket includes a second-round match that could potentially feature the team.

Match Type CAT-1 CAT-2 CAT-3 Accessibility
ST – Opening Match 2250 1600 1100 200
ST- Group Matches 800 600 250 40
CST – Round of 16 1100 825 385 77
CST – Quarter-Finals 1705 1155 825 330
CST – Semi-Finals 3828 2640 1430 550
CST – 3rd Place 1705 1210 825 330
CST – Final 6435 4015 2420 825

Four-Stadium Ticket Series (FST):

The management tailored this series for fans who want to enjoy the atmosphere of four different stadiums. There are 14 different stadium combinations of tickets available in this type. Category 1 tickets range from QR 3’200 to 4’650, Category 2 tickets range from QR 2’400 to 3’400, and Category 3 tickets range from QR 1’100 to 1’850. Finally, the Accessibility tickets in this category are listed from QR 160 to 320.

FIFA reserved category 4 for Qatar residents. Whereas, Accessibility tickets are specially for disabled people. These tickets come with special facilities and spaces and cover certain requirements for people with special needs.

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