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Melania Trump, 54, is the wife of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and mother to their son, Barron Trump. She holds the distinction of being the second First Lady born outside of the United States and the only one to become a naturalized citizen. Through her BE BEST initiative, Melania has become a prominent advocate for children’s issues, focusing on their well-being, online safety, and opioid abuse. Melania’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, a testament to her successful career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Early Life

Born on April 26, 1970, in Slovenia, Melania began her modeling career at the age of 16, quickly achieving success in high-profile ad campaigns. In 1996, she moved to New York, where she continued to build her career. A decade later, she proudly became a United States citizen. Melania’s commitment to her community was evident early on, as she served as Honorary Chairwoman for the Martha Graham Dance Company in 2005 and Goodwill Ambassador for the American Red Cross for four years.

Public Service

Melania’s public service continued with roles such as Honorary Chairwoman for the Boys’ Club of New York and Woman of the Year in 2006 by the Police Athletic League. In 2010, she chaired the American Heart Association, raising $1.7 million for research, and launched her own jewelry collection. Despite her public engagements, Melania has always prioritized her role as a mother and wife, moving to the White House in 2017 to support her husband’s presidency.

BE BEST Initiative

As First Lady, Melania focused on issues affecting children nationwide. Her BE BEST campaign, launched in 2018, emphasizes the well-being of children, online safety, and opioid abuse. The initiative has three main pillars: promoting the social and emotional health of children, educating families on protecting children online, and addressing the impact of opioid abuse.

Children’s Well-Being

Melania’s commitment to children’s well-being led her to travel extensively, visiting National Parks and working with organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA. She raised awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, Social-Emotional Learning, protecting Native American children in the Indian Health Service System, and improving the child welfare system. Her efforts emphasized the importance of natural resources, history, wildlife, and the great outdoors to young people.

Online Safety

With the rise of technology and social media, Melania prioritized online safety, meeting with technology leaders to discuss tools and resources for protecting children. She advocated for educating children on safe online interactions and met with families affected by online attacks. Her work aimed to foster healthy online habits and ensure that children can navigate the digital world safely.

Opioid Epidemic

Amid the opioid epidemic, Melania used BE BEST to highlight the dangers of opioid abuse, particularly its effects on infants and unborn babies. She visited hospitals and treatment centers, promoting innovative recovery programs for babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Melania aimed to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and encouraged the adoption of similar treatment programs nationwide. Her efforts included partnerships between the public and private sectors to combat the epidemic.

International Outreach

BE BEST also had a significant international component. In October 2018, Melania embarked on a solo trip to Africa, visiting Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, and Egypt. She highlighted impactful hospitals, schools, and USAID programs benefiting children. Additionally, she joined President Trump on numerous international visits, meeting with over 30 foreign diplomats and heads of state to discuss global children’s issues.

Military Families

Melania has a deep appreciation for the military and their families. She traveled to military bases domestically and overseas, including Iraq in 2018, and regularly involved military families in public engagements. Collaborating with Second Lady Karen Pence, she expanded the American Red Cross Comfort Kit program to include deployed troops during the holidays.

Women’s Suffrage

Melania played an integral role in commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment. She hosted a children’s art competition depicting significant moments in the women’s suffrage movement and worked with the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission to pass legislation for the “Every Word We Utter” Monument in Washington, D.C.

COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Melania used her platform to promote public health guidelines from the CDC. She maintained communication with state and local governments, foreign leaders, and developed online activities for children. Melania also sent care packages and donated lunches to hospitals, law enforcement, foster care facilities, and frontline workers.

Ongoing Commitment

As First Lady, Melania looks forward to continuing her work on behalf of children and the issues she is passionate about. Her dedication to promoting children’s well-being, online safety, and combating opioid abuse remains steadfast. Melania’s efforts have left a lasting impact, and she continues to advocate for a brighter future for all children.

Through her role as First Lady, Melania Trump has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being of children, both in the United States and around the world. Her initiatives and advocacy have highlighted the importance of compassion, safety, and support for the most vulnerable members of society.

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