UEFA European Championship Qualifiers Live Online Free

The Road to Euro 2024 in Germany is already underway. The European teams are in a race to qualify for the 2024 UEFA European Championship in this March’s international break. Here we bring you how to watch UEFA European Championship Qualifiers on TV and Live Stream.

53 European teams battle in several groups to grab a spot in the Euro 2024. 23 teams will qualify and join alongside the host nation Germany.

The defending European champions Italy will also play the qualifiers alongside other European giants, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Where to Live Stream UEFA European Championship Qualifiers in the USA, UK, and India?

Fans can watch the Euro 2024 qualification games on TV and Live Stream in several ways.


  • Fox Sports
  • TUDN
  • Fox Sports App
  • fuboTV

Fox Sports is the official broadcaster of the UEFA European Championship qualifiers in the United States. Selected games will be available live on FOX and FS1.

The live stream will be available on the Fox Sports App. Fox Sports subscribers on cable or satellite can access the app for free.

Moreover, cable cutters can watch the live stream on fuboTV. fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial. The fuboTV pro pack costs $74.99 a month.


  • Channel 4
  • Viaplay

Fans in the UK can watch the Euro qualifying games on Channel 4. The live stream will be on All4.


  • Sony Sports Network
  • Sony LIV

In India, fans can watch the Euro 2024 qualification matches on the Sony Sports Network. Sony Sports 2 will broadcast selected matches.

To watch the live stream, fans can buy a subscription to the Sony LIV app.

Where to Watch in Europe on TV?

Here’s the list of the official broadcasters of the Euro qualifying games.

  • Albania: Digitalb, TV Klan
  • Andorra: L’Équipe, TF1, TVE
  • Armenia: Public TV, Vivaro
  • Austria: DAZN, ÖRF, Puls 4, Servus TV
  • Azerbaijan: CBC Sport
  • Belarus: UEFA.tv
  • Belgium: DPG Media, Eleven Sports, RTBF
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Arena Sport, BHRT
  • Bulgaria: BNT, NOVA Bulgaria
  • Croatia: Sportklub/Nova TV
  • Cyprus: CyBC, CYTA
  • Czechia: AMC Networks, Ceske Televize
  • Denmark: TV2 Denmark
  • Estonia: Viaplay Estonia
  • Faroe Islands: Faroese Broadcasting Corporation
  • Finland: MTV Finland, YLE
  • France: L’Équipe, TF1
  • Georgia: GPB, Silknet
  • Germany: DAZN, RTL, ZDF
  • Gibraltar: Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, UEFA.tv
  • Greece: Alpha Satellite Television, NovaSports
  • Holy See (Vatican City State): Mediaset, RAI, Sky Italia 
  • Hungary: MTVA, TV2, Arena 4
  • Iceland: Viaplay Iceland
  • Israel: Charlton, The Sports Channel
  • Italy: Mediaset, RAI, Sky Italia 
  • Kazakhstan: QAZSPORT
  • Kosovo: Artmotion, Digitalb – Klan Kosova
  • Latvia: Viaplay Latvia
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtensteiner Landeskanal, UEFA.tv
  • Lithuania: Viaplay Lithuania
  • Luxembourg: Eleven Sports, RTL
  • Malta: PBS, UEFA.tv
  • Moldova: GMG Moldova, UEFA.tv
  • Monaco: L’Équipe, TF1
  • Montenegro: Arena Sport, RTCG
  • Netherlands: NOS, Ziggo Sport
  • North Macedonia: Arena Sport, MKRTV
  • Norway: TV2-N
  • Poland: POLSAT, TVP
  • Portugal: RTP, Sport TV
  • Republic of Ireland: Premier Sports, RTE, Saran, Virgin Media
  • Romania: Antena 1, Clever Media, Digi Sport Romania
  • San Marino: Mediaset, RAI, RTV San Marino, Sky Italia
  • Serbia: RTS Serbia
  • Slovakia: AMC Networks, RTV Slovakia
  • Slovenia: Sport TV, Sportklub
  • Spain: TVE, UEFA.tv
  • Sweden: Viaplay Sweden
  • Switzerland: DAZN, RSI, RTS, SRF, SRG
  • Türkiye: Saran, TRT
  • Ukraine: Megogo
  • United Kingdom: Channel 4, Viaplay
  • Wales: S4C

Where to Watch Euro Qualifying Online From the Rest of the World?

Here’s the list of the official broadcasters of the Euro qualifying games.

  • Afghanistan: Sony Six
  • American Samoa: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Angola: Supersport
  • Anguilla: Verticast Media
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Verticast Media
  • Argentina: ESPN Latin America
  • Aruba: Verticast Media
  • Australia: Optus Australia
  • Bahamas: Verticast Media
  • Bangladesh: Sony Six
  • Barbados: Verticast Media
  • Belize: ESPN Latin America
  • Benin: New World TV, Supersport
  • Bermuda: Verticast Media
  • Bhutan: Sony Six
  • Bolivia: ESPN Latin America
  • Bonaire: Verticast Media
  • Botswana: Supersport
  • Brazil: ESPN Brazil – Globo, ESPN Latin America
  • Burkina Faso: New World TV, Supersport
  • Burundi: New World TV, Supersport
  • Cambodia: CTN Cambodia
  • Cameroon: New World TV, Supersport
  • Canada: DAZN Canada
  • Cape Verde: Supersport
  • Cayman Islands: Verticast Media
  • Central African Republic: New World TV, Supersport
  • Chad: New World TV, Supersport
  • Chile: ESPN Latin America
  • PR China: Supersports China
  • Christmas Island: UEFA.tv
  • Cocos Islands: UEFA.tv
  • Colombia: ESPN Latin America
  • Comoros: New World TV, Supersport
  • Congo: New World TV, Supersport
  • Cook Islands: Digicel
  • Costa Rica: ESPN Latin America
  • Côte d’Ivoire: New World TV, Supersport
  • Cuba: Verticast Media
  • Curaçao: Verticast Media
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: New World TV, Supersport
  • Djibouti: New World TV, Supersport
  • Dominica: Verticast Media
  • Dominican Republic: ESPN Latin America, Verticast Media
  • Ecuador: ESPN Latin America
  • El Salvador: ESPN Latin America
  • Equatorial Guinea: Supersport
  • Eritrea: Supersport
  • Ethiopia: Supersport
  • Falkland Islands: UEFA.tv
  • Fiji: Digicel
  • French Guiana: ESPN Latin America, L’Équipe, TF1
  • French Polynesia: Digicel, L’Équipe, TF1
  • French Southern and Antarctic Lands: UEFA.tv
  • French Southern Territories: L’Équipe, TF1
  • Gabon: New World TV, Supersport
  • Gambia: Supersport
  • Ghana: Supersport
  • Grenada: Verticast Media
  • Guadeloupe: L’Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
  • Guam: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Guatemala: ESPN Latin America
  • Guinea-Bissau: Supersport
  • Guyana: ESPN Latin America
  • Haiti: Verticast Media
  • Honduras: ESPN Latin America
  • Hong Kong SAR: UEFA.tv 
  • India: Sony Six
  • Jamaica: Verticast Media
  • Japan: DAZN Japan
  • Kenya: Supersport
  • Kyrgyzstan: UEFA.tv
  • Laos: UEFA.tv
  • Lesotho: Supersport
  • Liberia: Supersport
  • Madagascar: New World TV, Supersport
  • Malawi: Supersport
  • Malaysia: Astro Sports
  • Maldives: Sony Six
  • Mali: New World TV, Supersport
  • Mariana Islands: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Martinique: L’Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
  • Mauritania: New World TV, Supersport
  • Mauritius: L’Équipe, New World TV, Supersport
  • Mayotte: L’Équipe, TF1
  • Mexico: Sky Mexico
  • Midway: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Mongolia: Unitel Mongolia
  • Montserrat: Verticast Media
  • Mozambique: Supersport
  • Myanmar: SkyNet
  • Namibia: Supersport
  • Nepal: Sony Six
  • New Caledonia: L’Équipe, TF1
  • New Zealand: Sky Network Television
  • Nicaragua: ESPN Latin America
  • Niger: New World TV, Supersport
  • Nigeria: Supersport
  • North Korea: UEFA.tv
  • Pakistan: Sony Six
  • Palestinian Territory: Charlton, The Sports Channel
  • Panama: ESPN Latin America
  • Papua New Guinea: EMTV
  • Paraguay: ESPN Latin America
  • Peru: ESPN Latin America
  • Philippines: TAP TV Philippines
  • Pitcairn Islands: UEFA.tv 
  • Puerto Rico: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Republic of Guinea: New World TV, Supersport
  • Republic of Korea: Eclat Korea
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands: Digicel 
  • Reunion: L’Équipe, TF1
  • Rwanda: New World TV, Supersport
  • Saba: Verticast Media
  • Saint Barths: L’Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
  • Saint Christopher: Verticast Media
  • Saint Eustatius: Verticast Media
  • Saint Helena: Supersport
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: Verticast Media
  • Saint Lucia: Verticast Media
  • Saint Martin: L’Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon: L’Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Verticast Media
  • Samoa: Digicel
  • São Tomé and Principe: Supersport 
  • Senegal: New World TV, Supersport
  • Seychelles: New World TV, Supersport
  • Sierra Leone: Supersport
  • Singapore: Starhub
  • Solomon Islands: Digicel
  • Somalia: Supersport
  • South Africa: Supersport
  • South Sudan: Supersport
  • Sri Lanka: Sony Six
  • Sudan: Supersport
  • Suriname: ESPN Latin America
  • Swaziland: Supersport
  • Taiwan/Chinese Taipei: ELTA TV Taiwan
  • Tajikistan: UEFA.tv
  • Tanzania: Supersport
  • Thailand: UEFA.tv
  • Tibet: UEFA.tv
  • Togo: New World TV, Supersport
  • Tonga: Digicel
  • Tortola: Verticast Media
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Verticast Media
  • Turkmenistan: UEFA.tv 
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: Verticast Media
  • Uganda: Supersport
  • United States: Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Uruguay: ESPN Latin America
  • Uzbekistan: MTRK
  • Vanuatu: Digicel
  • Venezuela: ESPN Latin America
  • Vietnam: Viettel
  • Virgin Islands (British): Verticast Media
  • Virgin Islands (US): Fox Sports, fuboTV, TUDN
  • Wallis and Futuna: Digicel, L’Équipe, TF1
  • Zambia: Supersport
  • Zimbabwe: Supersport

UEFA European Championship Qualifiers Schedule

The Qualifying matches will be held throughout 2023 in the International breaks.

  • March 26-28
  • June 16-20
  • September 7-12
  • October 12-17
  • November 16-21

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