UK Bans Over 1,300 ‘Violent’ English, Welsh Fans From Travelling To FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

One thousand five hundred ninety-one English and Welsh soccer fans with a history of violence have been banned from traveling to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Authorities say some of these bans are indefinite.

Starting this Friday, all 1,308 supporters classified under these criteria may arrest. And their passports must surrender to authorities. The number of such orders has been steadily going down since 2011.

The decrease in banning orders in the 2020-21 football season results from fewer stadiums hosting games. So fewer tickets need to ban and, thus, making it a lot harder for people to find good seats.

The UK Home Office has announced that. Visa applications by football fans who pose a risk of violence and abuse are being rejected in the weeks leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on November 20.

Dubai Police collaborated with the British Embassy. To educate fans staying in the UAE about safety guidelines during the World Cup.

The British Embassy in the UAE offers up-to-date information about the World Cup, including accommodation and things to do in Dubai. It also provides drugs, alcohol, social media, and other trending laws.

At the same time, fans who wanted to make the 12-hour drive to the border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia were told to take extra precautions. We’re sorry to say you can’t take your vehicle with you to Qatar, and it will need to stay in Saudi Arabia.

It’s predicted that the World Cup 2022 will boost Qatar’s population to over 2 million, with overseas workers flocking in to be a part of it.

Those who fail to comply with the latest measures and attempt to travel for the World Cup will be imprisoned for six months or fined unlimited amounts.

If the banned want to travel elsewhere from November 10, they will need a passport and be subject to any inspections. This is according to Bloomberg.

The UK Home Secretary has commented on the behavior of a minority of lawbreakers. Who has tarnished what will be an exciting soccer tournament?

Braverman said this criminal behavior would not tolerate when asked about the tough stance on violence, abuse, and disorder at the World Cup. They are taking firm action to ensure attendees experience a safe environment.

As for British nationals coming to the tournament, visit England works closely with host authorities to protect them and ensure they experience a successful event.

Previous international tournaments implemented preventative measures to ensure compliance.

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup achieving 99% compliance. They also required travelers deemed high-risk due to their background to surrender their passports.

The British Embassy in Dubai wants to thank the Dubai Police for sharing an impressive plan for the World Cup.

“England and Wales’s fans living in the UAE can put their worries about safety aside.” This is what England’s embassy said about visiting English Premier League teams in this Gulf country.


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