UK Pubs May Face Beer Shortage Before World Cup Amid Drivers' Strike

GXO Logistics drivers, who complete 40 deliveries of beer an hour, take advantage of wage cuts and employment status changes.

A looming UK beer shortage has been predicted as a company driver. Also, staff members work at a firm that produces about half of the beers exported from the UK to UK pubs. And clubs are to call for five days of strike action over pay and job cuts.

GXO Logistics expects that the workers and drivers of the Britons delivering beer for a brewery will stage the first round of labor disturbances from October 31 to November 4 at depots across Britain.

The Unite union said that the strike would prevent pubs and other venues from selling beer before the start of World Cup matches. Further milestones are scheduled for close to opening on November 20 if the matter is not resolved.

Brewers such as Heineken, Stonegate, and Admiral Taverns supply pubs and venues. Also, Shepherd Neame will be negatively impacted by British Beer. And Pub Association member Heineken’s strike operations. GXO Logistics delivers to about 4,500 pubs throughout London and southeastern England. And will use authorities at the point of the limited strike to banned overtime on October 24.

The company says it will prepare systems so bars can stay open promptly when a strike interrupts its regular schedule of deliveries. We are always in contact with our customers during a strike and have plans to liaise with our customers to continue to provide customers with items. When a strike occurs, we will strive to maintain our customer base and minimize disturbance to our customers.

The New York-based company’s revenues from the United Kingdom reached $777 million (690 million) during the second quarter of 2018, the largest source of its $2.2 billion global revenues for the three months. Its total adjusted profits totaled $176 million during the same period.

Workers in the UK rejected a 5% wage reduction as part of a deal that incorporated an easing in paid sick leave. GXO can easily afford pay cuts, and Unite has determined to see that they do so, the union’s general secretary, Sharon Graham, explained.

Employees affected by this dispute plan to shut down the GLO depot in Dagenham, Essex. This will set job cuts and more work for drivers at its Croydon, Faversham, and Greenford locations.

The hospitality industry, consumers, and employees would be put in a situation of disruption. If GXO’s assessment of the most recent union strike agreement with the hotel company did not characterize the true nature of the situation.

The company proposed an average yearly salary increase for investors of either an equivalent or a proportional 9.2%, with no effect on employees’ compensation for long-term problems.

The figure is much higher than the regional and national average, which generally exceeds our company’s. In all areas of the company, earnings for the drivers are above the industry average, and the increase is over 4% higher than the year before.


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