How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Morocco

Do you live in Morocco and wondering how to watch FIFA world 2022 live from there? Then you’re in luck, we have gathered all the information to guide you about how to follow the FIFA World Cup in Morocco.

Morocco will compete at the World Cup for the sixth time. After defeating the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a qualification play-off in March with a score of 5-2 on aggregate, the north Africans secured their spot in the tournament.

Morocco qualified for the playoffs by placing first in a group that also included Guinea-Bissau and Guinea and by earning 18 points out of a possible 18. This allowed Morocco to qualify to the FIFA world cup.

As part of their preparation for the World Cup, Morocco will play Chile and Paraguay around the end of this month. Their campaign in the World Cup will get underway against Croatia on Tuesday, 23rd November.

TV Channel
  • beIN Sports 1 
  • beIN Sports 2 
  • beIN Sports 3
  • beIN Sports 4 
  • beIN Sports 5 
  • beIN Sports 6
Live Stream
  • beIN Sports Connect
  • FastestVPN
Without Cable
  • beIN Sports Connect

How to Live Stream World Cup 2022 From Morocco

beIN Sports, one of the largest sports networks in the world, has exclusive rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup 2022 in the North African region. As Morocco is in north Africa, you can watch Fifa broad casting b beIN Sports by using their official website.  

Apps to Live Stream the Qatar World Cup in Morocco

beIN Sports is widely regarded as of the most effective platforms for providing sports-related content worldwide. You won’t have any trouble learning everything there is to know about the FIFA World Cup if you put in the effort.

beIN Sports Connect is widely considered among the most popular sports networks compatible with Smart TVs. You can watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in real time if you download this app and use it. You’ll also have quick access to any matches or highlights from this monumental competition.

This service is included at no additional cost with the standard subscription. Therefore, if you subscribe to the beIN Sports TV package, you will also have access to this app also.

Official Channel Broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Morocco

beIN Sports, which is one of the largest networks in the world of sports, has been awarded the exclusive rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 in the MENA region.

They have 92 channels, and in the lead-up to the World Cup, they will have six channels that are exclusively dedicated to coverage of the FIFA World Cup around the clock until the event is complete.

Official channels of the FIFA World Cup will be provided by beIN Sports 1, beIN Sports 2, beIN Sports 3, beIN Sports 4, beIN Sports 5, and beIN Sports 6.

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Morocco Without Cable

If you are interested in watching the FIFA World Cup 2022 but do not have access to cable television in Morocco, the best option available to you is to sign up for a subscription to beIN Sports Connect. Regardless of the fact that the monthly plan may be purchased for about $10.

How to Watch Football World Cup Live Streaming in Morocco Via VPN

There are two free stations, SBS and, that are broadcasting the action.

Get a FastestVPN subscription. Get FastestVPN by downloading and installing it on your device. Sign in using your id of yours. Simply establish a connection with the Australian or Russian server that FastestVPN provides. Done!

How Can I Watch the FIFA World Cup on Mobile For Free?

BBC iPlayer is a mobile app available to British citizens and residents free of charge. However, access to it is restricted for everyone else in the world. However, the BBC iPlayer may be unlocked worldwide by using a virtual private network (VPN). Simply sign up for a VPN service from a trustworthy web provider. We recommend FastVPN for you. Change your server location to the United Kingdom.

Where Can I Watch World Cup in Morocco Language?

The World Cup coverage on beIN Sports will be vailable to broadcast in Arabic. Since Arabic is Morocco’s national language, everything should be in order with them.

Group F Fixture

[Group F – Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Morocco]

Match Date Fixture Venue Local Time
Wed, Nov. 23 Morocco vs. Croatia Al Bayt Stadium 10.00 AM
Wed, Nov. 23 Canada vs. Belgium Ahmad Bin Ali 7:00 PM
Sun, Nov. 27 Morocco vs. Belgium Al Thumama Stadium 1.00 PM
Sun, Nov. 27 Canada vs. Croatia Khalifa Int’l 4:00 PM
Thurs, Dec. 1 Morocco vs. Canada Al Thumama Stadium 3.00 PM
Thurs, Dec. 1 Canada vs. Morocco Al Thumama 3.00 PM

World Cup Bracket

Round of 16 Matchups

  • A1 vs. B2
  • B1 vs. A2
  • C1 vs. D2
  • D1 vs. C2
  • E1 vs. F2
  • F1 vs. E2
  • G1 vs. H2
  • H1 vs. G2

Quarter-Finals Matchups

  • (A1 v B2) vs. (C1 v D2)
  • (B1 v A2) vs. (D1 v C2)
  • (E1 v F2) vs. (G1 v H2)
  • (F1 v E2) vs. (H1 v G2)

Semi-Finals Matchups

  • 1 vs. 3
  • 2 vs. 4

We have discussed the various opportunities that are open to you so that you can follow the World Cup in Morocco. If any of the information that was offered was not helpful, we ask that you please accept our deepest apologies.

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