How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Senegal [2022]

Senegal Football fan, are you worried about how to watch the 2022 World Cup in March of 2022? As crazy football fans, we don’t want to miss any football games. Waiting for their biggest spectacle show, the 2022 World Cup is close to the finish line!

You’ll want to strap yourself in and enjoy an exciting journey through this competition. If you love football but want to ensure you’re ready for the big game (and back on your feet after kicking your TV), this is for you.

There are multiple ways to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 In Senegal. In this article, I will discuss how you can enjoy this year’s event without annoyance. We’ve covered you if you’re a football fan and want to watch every bit of this world cup.

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Senegal

To watch the FIFA World Cup in Senegal, football fans can follow these simple steps:

Official Broadcaster RTS TV
TV Super Sports, RTS
Local Online Stream Supers Sports, Bein Sports
Via VPN  Express VPN
Language: English, French Super Sports (ENGLISH), RTS TV (French)

Super Sports got several channels in the English language. And RTS TV will cover the World cup 2022 in French.

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on TV in Senegal

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be live-streamed via Super Sports and RTS TV. To view this year’s FIFA World Cup on RTS TV on Senegalese television and Supers Sports for  Africa Continent. Subscribers require a sports package that includes it.

The most renowned Senegalese satellite providers include RTS TV, Senegal National TV, and Super Sports. If you don’t own an account for the World Cup with a sports package with Super Sports, it is possible to sign up for an account with a satellite TV provider for the World Cup on TV.

How to Live Stream World Cup 2022 in Senegal

If you want to catch the 2022 World Cup, you’ll need an internet connection and at least one of these devices to stream games: a TV satellite subscription or a streaming device. You will also need a three-year internet contract.

Many World Cup matches will be streamed free on online channels and a subscription service like Fubo TV or NATURE Box. Additionally, there will be a variety of legal live streams as well, covering tournaments that come up short.

These services offer some great options for high-quality games. You can also see which ones are best for you by reviewing the list of streaming sources mentioned previously.

Apps to Live Stream the Qatar World Cup in Senegal

For soccer fans in Senegal, there is an optimal way to watch the FIFA World Cup event. You can view the live action using the Super Sports app (the streaming app) on Android and iOS devices. The best news is that these apps are available through the App Store or Google Play Store for Android and iOS users.

Depending on your device, there are multiple installation methods for the Super Sports APP. If you don’t have one of the free versions, please download them from a store like iTunes or Google Play or purchase them from their website.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in with your Super Sports ID. After that, you can watch real-time FIFA World Cup matches and highlights.

How Can I Watch the FIFA World Cup on Mobile For Free?

If you want to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Senegal on mobile for free, there are many options. These are—

  • Mamahd
  • Totalsportek
  • LiveTV
  • M3u File.

You can browse those websites and get ready to watch the football world cup. However, Irritating Ads and a Poor internet connection can ruin your pleasure in watching football.

Where Can I Watch The World Cup In French?

Many channels broadcast the World Cup in French, and you can watch it online on websites like RTS TV and FuboTV, And Le equipped.

Group A Fixtures

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. If you’re a football fan (or “soccer” as it’s known in the United States), you’ll want to watch some of the best teams in the world compete for the ultimate prize.

  • Senegal
  • Netherland
  • Qatar
  • Ecuador
Qatar vs. Ecuador 20th November 4:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
Senegal vs. Netherlands 21st November 4:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
Qatar vs. Senegal  25th November 1:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium


Netherlands vs. Ecuador 25th November 4:00 PM Khalifa Int’l Stadium
Netherlands vs. Qatar 29th December 3:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
Ecuador vs. Senegal 29th December 3:00 PM Khalifa Int’l Stadium

World Cup Brackets

Round of 16 Matchups

  • A1 vs. B2
  • B1 vs. A2
  • C1 vs. D2
  • D1 vs. C2
  • E1 vs. F2
  • F1 vs. E2
  • G1 vs. H2
  • H1 vs. G2

Quarter-Finals Matchups

  • 1 (A1 v B2) vs. (C1 vs D2)
  • 2 (B1 v A2) vs. (D1 vs C2)
  • 3 (E1 v F2) vs. (G1 v H2)
  • 4 (F1 v E2) vs. (H1 v G2)

Semi-Finals Matchups

  • One vs. Three
  • Two vs. Four


People across the world can watch the FIFA World Cup with different tools. This includes television, radio, and satellite TV. So whether you want to immerse yourself in the action/sports or listen as a spectator, you’ll find something that suits your interest in the World Cup. We hope the article “How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Senegal [2022]” was helpful to you.

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