How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Wales [2022]

Wondering how to watch FIFA World Cup in Wales? This article will give you a detailed overview of watching the FIFA World Cup in Wales.

This year’s FIFA World Cup will be the most exciting for Welsh fans for an apparent reason. Wales has qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1958. Here, we will guide you on how to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Wales.

Gareth Bale and Co. Will take on the USA in their World Cup opener on 21st November. Wales will play in Group B against the USA, England, and Iran. If you are wondering how to watch the Qatar World Cup from your home in Wales, you are at the right place.

We don’t want you to miss the most glorious event of Welsh football. So, here’s the ultimate guide to watching the World Cup on TV and livestreaming in Wales.

Where can you watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 live in Wales?

  • 📺 TV Channel: BBC, ITV
  • 💻 Live Stream: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on TV Channel and Live Stream Info

How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Wales

BBC and ITV have the World Cup broadcasting rights in Wales, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. They will share the fixtures and broadcast all 64 matches live. Hence, fans in Wales can watch all the matches live for free on TV.

Moreover, the cable-cutters can enjoy the live stream via BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub from anywhere in the UK and on the go.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on BBC from Wales

How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Wales

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will live telecast two of Wales’ three Group Stage matches – Wales vs. Iran on 25th November and the final Group-Stage game between Wales and England on 29th November.

Moreover, the cable cutters can enjoy the live stream of the matches via BBC iPlayer. It’s free to download and watch in Wales.

BBC’s schedules for Group-Stage matches are as follows.

All times in BST

  • 20 November, 17:00: Qatar v Ecuador
  • 21 November, 14:00: England v Iran
  • 22 November, 17:00: Mexico v Poland
  • 22 November, 20:00: France v Australia
  • 23 November, 20:00: Belgium v Canada
  • 24 November, 14:00: Uruguay v South Korea
  • 24 November, 20:00: Brazil v Serbia
  • 25 November, 11:00: Wales v Iran
  • 25 November, 14:00: Qatar v Senegal
  • 26 November, 11:00: Tunisia v Australia
  • 27 November, 14:00: Belgium v Morocco
  • 27 November, 17:00: Croatia v Canada
  • 27 November, 20:00: Spain v Germany
  • 28 November, 14:00: South Korea v Ghana
  • 29 November, 20:00: USA vs Iran
  • 29 November, 20:00: Wales v England
  • 30 November, 16:00: Tunisia v France
  • 30 November, 16:00: Australia v Denmark
  • 30 November, 20:00: Poland v Argentina
  • 30 November, 20:00: Saudi Arabia v Mexico
  • 1 December, 17:00: Canada v Morocco
  • 1 December, 17:00: Croatia v Belgium
  • 2 December, 17:00: Ghana v Uruguay


Wales’ World Cup opener against the USA will be available on ITV on 21st November at 8:00 pm BST. The cable cutters can enjoy the World Cup matches on ITV Hub in Wales.

ITV’s schedules for Group-Stage matches are as follows.

All times in BST

  • 21 November, 17:00: Netherlands vs Senegal
  • 21 November, 20:00: USA vs Wales
  • 22 November, 11:00: Argentina v Saudi Arabia
  • 22 November, 14:00: Denmark v Tunisia
  • 23 November, 11:00: Morocco v Croatia
  • 23 November, 14:00: Germany v Japan
  • 23 November, 17:00: Spain v Costa Rica
  • 24 November, 11:00: Switzerland v Cameroon
  • 24 November, 17:00: Portugal v Ghana
  • 25 November, 17:00: Netherlands v Ecuador
  • 25 November, 20:00: USA vs England
  • 26 November, 14:00: Poland v Saudi Arabia
  • 26 November, 17:00: France v Denmark
  • 26 November, 20:00: Argentina v Mexico
  • 27 November, 11:00: Japan v Costa Rica
  • 28 November, 11:00: Cameroon v Serbia
  • 28 November, 17:00: Brazil v Switzerland
  • 28 November, 20:00: Portugal v Uruguay
  • 29 November, 16:00: Ecuador v Senegal
  • 29 November, 16:00: Netherlands v Qatar
  • 1 December, 20:00: Japan v Spain
  • 1 December, 20:00: Costa Rica v Germany
  • 2 December, 20:00: Serbia v Switzerland
  • 2 December, 20:00: Cameroon v Brazil

Group B Fixtures in the World Cup 2022

All times in BST

Fixture Date Time (BST) Venue TV
England vs. Iran Monday, 21 November 2:00 pm Khalifa International  BBC
USA vs. Wales Monday, 21 November 8:00 pm Ahmad Bin Ali ITV
Wales vs. Iran Friday, 25 November 11:00 am Ahmad Bin Ali BBC
USA vs. England Friday, 25 November 8:00 pm Al Bayt ITV
USA vs. Iran Tuesday, 29 November 8:00 pm Al Thumama  BBC
Wales vs. England Tuesday, 29 November 8:00 pm Ahmad Bin Ali  BBC

Who could be Wales’s opponent in Round 16?

The two qualified teams of Group B will play against Group A in Round 16. So, Wales’ Round-of-16 opponent could be the Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, or Qatar.

  • B1 vs A2
  • A1 vs B2


Round of 16 Matchups:

A1 vs B2

B1 vs A2


C1 vs D2

D1 vs C2


E1 vs F2

F1 vs E2


G1 vs H2

H1 vs G2

Quarter-Finals Matchups:

1 (A1 vs B2) vs (C1 vs D2)

2 (B1 vs A2) vs (D1 vs C2)


3 (E1 vs F2) vs (G1 vs H2)

4 (F1 vs E2) vs (H1 vs G2)

Semi-Finals Matchups:

1 vs 3

2 vs 4

We have tried to cover how to watch the FIFA World Cup in Wales. We hope the content was helpful to you.

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