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Watch the viral video of Nam Phan as social media platforms especially Reddit and X/Twitter are currently buzzing with a viral clip allegedly featuring the deterioration of the veteran fighter’s speech over the years

For the unfamiliar, Nam Phan, a retired MMA fighter and professional boxer, is going viral online for his deteriorate speech over the period of time.

The 41-year-old started his professional boxing journey in 2001, though, he retired from MMA in 2017, following his UFC stints, however, he continued to compete in boxing and Muay Thai bouts.

Video of ex-UFC fighter Nam Phan suffering deterioration in speech over 10 years goes viral

Now, a 54-seconds footage is being circulated across Reddit and X shows the difference between Nam Phan’s speech from 2011 to now. The viral video clearly shows the decline in Phan’s speech throughout his career.

Comparing the speech of UFC veteran Nam Phan over an 11 year span.
byu/AliBagovBeatKhabib inMMA

This deterioration is likely due to years of sparring and fighting in the ring and cage. His speech, once clear and easy to understand, has become slurred and slow, leaving fans devastated.

Social Media User’s Reaction

After witnessing the viral clip, many fans expressed they are hurt and sad, meanwhile there are many who pointed out their worry for him and asked him to stop fighting.

Additionally, many fans expressed there are more fighters like Phan, who might be facing the similar issue.

One such fan took to Reddit and penned, “This is the darkside of the sport I love. One of the most heartbreaking cases. I think Spencer Fisher and Gary Goodridge as well.”

Another one added, “Crazy that Nam Phan was apparently still doing pro Muay Thai fights in 2022 if I heard him correctly. Someone’s gotta stop him.

“He’s already going to have a hard enough time with symptoms like this at his age, I dunno how long he’s going to live if he’s still been sparring and fighting.”

Meanwhile, an X user took to the platform and wrote, “This actually hurts to watch.” Another one joined, “Rough man. Nam is an OG.”

Is Nam Phan Suffering Deteriorated Speech?

For the curious, as the video shows, it is possible that Phan is suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a fatal brain disease linked to repeated head trauma.

CTE, a degenerative brain disorder, can only be diagnosed post-mortem and can cause dementia, personality changes, and depression. Currently, there is no cure or treatment for CTE.

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