What is the 'Skittles on Deck' video as it goes viral on TikTok and Twitter/X

Social media platforms especially TikTok have left viewers frenzy with its new viral trend titled “Skittles on Deck”

Not aware, fret not, here’s the brief.

Recently, several videos on the platform emerged featuring a bag of Skittles and a specific body part. The viral video which is called Skittles on Deck to avoid censorship, comes from a platform user who goes by the name @powerdown21_2_randomguy.

What is the ‘Skittles on Deck’ bag video as it goes viral on TikTok and Twitter/X

As of now, the viral video has garnered more than 20 million views. However, after witnessing the bizarre video, TikTok users are demanding answers as they are remarking they need bleach to wash their eyes.

So what exactly is the Skittles on Deck video and where does it come from, let’s dog in the details together!

About Skittles on Deck Video

For the curious, the Skittles on Deck video was posted by a TikTok user @powerdown21_2_randomguy in early July.

The platform user posted the video while using Drake’s “Some madness and badness, combination” audio. The bizarre video has managed to shock everyone who witnessed it.
The viral video contains a total of 3 slides. In the first slide, a bag of Skittles captioned “some madness,” can be seen while in the second slide, the user can see an eggplant captioned with “some badness.”

Finally, the third slide shows a man who appears to have Skittles in his f*reskin, captioned “combination.” The Insane final slide inspired a wave of shock across TikTok, with many wondering who would do such a thing.

The video has managed to garner over 27 million views within just four days. As the bizarre video has become a sensation, many other users hop in it to follow the trend.

However, most of these videos are reaction one with users simply expressing their shock to what they saw. Meanwhile, the bizarre ‘Skittles on Deck’ video has also started to spread to other social media platforms.

For the most part, TikTokers are using the phrase “Skittles on deck” to refer to the video, with “deck” being a stand-in for the word they want to use to avoid censorship on the platform. The video has been up for four days already without being deleted!

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