India vs Pakistan Cricket

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is up and running and is sure to offer unexpected twists and turns as the championship progresses. One of the most awaited matches of the tournament is undoubtedly the contest between India and Pakistan on October 14 in Ahmedabad.

Cricket fans from across the globe will be heading to India to witness the euphoria in person. However, many fans will stick to the TV screens and mobile phones to watch the battle comfortably.

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The two cricketing powerhouses, India and Pakistan, have always boasted some of the best batters in the world on their side. While team India had players like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and more, Pakistan had Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, and Inzamam-Ul-Haq.

These top-class quality players have spiced up the rivalry and taken it to another level. Nowadays, cricket fans are comparing Babar Azam with Virat Kohli.

Fans find it hard to resist their excitement to see Virat Kohli and Babar Azam take on opposite bowlers on October 14. While Kohli is a senior player with loads of experience and innumerable centuries, Babar has already proved his worth with stringent consistency.

Let us see the pros and cons of Virat Kohli and Babar Azam.

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the world’s best modern batsmen across all formats. His consistency and ability to chase down targets make him a crucial player in any tournament. His passion for the game and hunger for runs is next to none. 

Virat Kohli - Virat played 100 plus Tests and scored 8676 runs in his 12-year career. With his brilliant fitness and stunning form, he is here to play for a long time. His remarkable consistency and ability to adapt to distinct match situations and conditions are incredible. 

Kohli completed 13000 runs in ODIs and has 47 centuries to his credit. He rescued his team in many difficult times and led India to victory. A master chaser, Kohli handles pressure well and excels at pacing his innings.

Always mindful about keeping the required run rate in check, his ability to stay focused in tight run-chases is unmatched.

In T20Is, Virat made over 4000 runs. Kohli’s classical technique and ability to play orthodox shots with finesse make him a superior player. Instead of just power-hitting, he depends more on timing, placement, and a wide range of cricketing shots.

Babar Azam: The Pakistan skipper is surprising everyone with his stylish batting and consistent performances. Babar Azam is known for his elegant stroke play and ability to build innings. He is young and has a promising career ahead of him. 

In his 49 Tests, Babar made 3772 runs and is well-equipped to play many more matches in the future. His elegant batting technique and wide range of shots are a delight.

Babar is a fantastic player in ODIs and T20s. He maintained an impressive average in the ODIs, almost that of Virat. He scored over 5000 runs in his 110 matches. In T20s, both Virat and Kohli are scoring at the same pace. 

Both players are unique and have a different approach. Tough situations and major events test the best players. While Kohli has already proved his caliber, Babar has a long way to go. 

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