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The World Cup football will return this year in Qatar. We are all set for the FIFA World Cup 2022 as all the groups are drawn and schedules are set. The 22nd World Cup will begin on 21 November and wrap up with the final on 18 December.

Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerland will meet once again in the same group after the 2018 World Cup. Likewise, France, Denmark, and Australia will reunite in Group D. Iran and the USA will be at war in Group B with two English speaking teams England and Wales. Germany and Spain will go head-to-head in Group E. Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski will battle it out in Group C. Uruguay and Ghana will provide another thriller in Group H while Cristiano Ronaldo will try to top them.

But which one is the group of death in the FIFA World Cup 2022? Here we rank every group by their highest average rankings based on the teams.

#1 Group B: England, USA, Iran, Wales (14.5)

When we look at each team’s FIFA world ranking, Group B appears to be the group of death. The average ranking based on each team’s world ranking is 14.5. There are three teams inside the top 20, England 5, USA 14, and Wales 19. Only Iran is outside and they are ranked 23.

With England struggling in the Nations League in June, the battles in Group B will be even more interesting. It will surely be a race of all horses in Group B.

#2 Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica (18.25)

Two European heavyweights are in the same group to make Group E one of the toughest. We will see the 2010 World Cup semi-final rematch as Spain and Germany will face off in the group stage.

Spain and Germany rank 6th and 11th, respectively, with Japan 24 and Costa Rica 34. As per the average ranking, Group E becomes the second toughest one.

#3 Group G: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon (19.25)

Top ranked Brazil with two other European teams make Group G the 3rd toughest group in the FIFA World Cup 2022. In fact, we should rank Group G higher considering that Serbia and Switzerland qualified directly ahead of Portugal and Italy, respectively.

Brazil ranks 1, Switzerland 16, Serbia 25, and Cameroon 38.

#4 Group F: Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada (20)

Group F gives you the runners-up and 3rd place team of the 2018 World Cup. Canada is the weaker team in this group according to FIFA ranking. Interestingly, Canada qualified ahead of Mexico, USA, and Costa Rica. Group F will surely be tougher than it looks.

Belgium ranks 2nd, Croatia 15, Morocco 22, and Canada 43, making us to put them at 4th.

#5 Group C: Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia (22)

Saudi Arabia ranks 53 and that made us to put Group C at 5th. Lionel Messi’s Argentina, who are ranked 3rd, will not find it easier against Mexico 12, and Poland 26.

#6 Group D: France, Denmark, Australia, Tunisia (22.75)

Group D gives you two teams from the top 10. The World Champions France is ranked 4th, and Denmark is 10th. They will be favourites against Australia (39) and Tunisia (30) to make it to the next round.

#7 Group H: Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana (27.5)

Group H will be the second easiest in the FIFA World Cup 2022. But don’t take anything for granted here either. South Korea’s Heung-min Son, joint top scorer in the EPL last season, can ruin Suarez and Ronaldo’s World Cup dream.

Portugal ranks 9th, Uruguay 13, Korea Republic 29, and Ghana 60, as we put Group H at 7th.

#8 Group A: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica (18.25)

It turns out that the host Qatar (49th) will play in the easiest Group. Or you can say that Qatar makes Group A ranking as the easiest in our list.

The Netherlands (8th) will find it difficult against Senegal (18th), and Ecuador (44th) to top group A.

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