Who is Halleemah Mash who has accused JJ Redick of calling her the N word during her time at Duke University

Here is all you need to know about Halleemah Mash, a businesswoman who has accused the new Lakers head coach JJ Redick of using a racial slur 

The Los Angeles Lakers’ new coach, JJ Redick, has denied rumours that he used offensive language while he was a player at Duke University. 

Author and speaker Halleemah Nash wrote on X on Tuesday, saying “I’ve only been called the N-word to my face by a white man once in my life and it was on the campus of Duke University while I was doing work with the basketball team.” 

Who is Halleemah Mash who has accused Lakers’ coach JJ Redick of calling her the N word during her time at Duke University

Meanwhile, the tweet had mixed reactions. One wrote, “A lot of people are too young to remember JJ at Duke but those who can, probably aren’t too shocked by this story.”

Another replied, “This didn’t come out in his 15-year NBA career why.” Another user said, “And 2 years ago while I was in New York you punched me in the face… see what I did there! I can make up lies from thin air as well lmfaoo.” 

Redick played for Duke from 2002 to 2006; however, Nash did not specify the exact time frame of the alleged incident. Nash claims to have worked with the team in 2003 and 2004 on her LinkedIn profile. 

However, the Lakers head coach’s spokesperson told TMZ Sports that, “it never happened,” regarding the allegations. 

The 40-year-old Redick spent 15 years as an NBA player, spending time with the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers. 2006 saw him win the title of National College Player of the Year, and later on, Duke retired his No. 4 jersey.

Now that Reddick is in the news not only for his appointment as Lakers’ coach but also for the accusations, here is all about Halleemah Mash. 

Who is Halleemah Mash?

Halleemah Mash is a businesswoman who worked with Duke’s basketball team and is now a founder of Rosecrans Ventures. She has around 4.2k followers on her X (Twitter) account and she calls herself a Lakers fan. 

As per her X bio, she is a Howard University and Duke University alumni. She often shares tweets about basketball and her most recent tweet was about Angel Reese and her missing Kobe Bryant. 

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