Who is Instagram influencer Prachi Solanki as her video and photos with Hardik Pandya go viral

Amidst the reports of a rift between Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic, all-rounder cricketer has sparked dating rumors after being spotted with a mysterious girl who has been identified as Instagram influencer Prachi Solanki

Not aware of the situation, what’re you waiting for then, let’s dive together in the details!

Social media platforms especially X/Twitter is currently flooded with pictures and videos of Hardik Pandya with a mysterious girl as the two seemed twinning in white outfits, leading fans to assume that Pandya has found love once more.

Who is Instagram influencer Prachi Solanki as her video and photos with cricketer Hardik Pandya go viral

For the curious, the mysterious girl is none other than a famous makeup artist named Prachi Solanki. She is a popular Instagram influencer and founder of Prachi Solanki Makeovers.

She boasts over 551K followers on the global photo-sharing app. The digital content creator came to spotlight after one of her posts with Pandya made her an overnight sensation.

Is Hardik Pandya Dating Prachi Solanki?

For the Hardik Pandya’s fans, the cricketer isn’t dating Solanki. Prachi is just a fan of Hardik Pandya. She herself shared a post expressing how she felt meeting Hardik.

Taking to Instagram, Parachi shared a heartwarming video. In the viral video Prachi, a huge fan of Pandya, is seen meeting him at his residence, overwhelmed with emotion and disbelief.

She also met his brother Krunal Pandya and his wife Pankhuri Pandya. The entire Pandya family seems very close to Prachi, which may have fueled the dating rumors.

As expected, fans quickly speculated that Pandya was dating Prachi, filling the comments section with adorable praises.

However, Prachi later quashed all the rumors via her Instagram story, clarifying the situation.

In her Instagram story, the social media influencer penned, “It was just a pure coincidence that we were wearing a similar print.

“Do not join any dots, guys. I met him as a fan, and that is it. The whole family is extremely humble and nice. Do not comment anything wrong about anyone or any situation that you know nothing about. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, a video of the cricketer’s wife has surfaced on social media. It seems like she is expressing her feelings to the public.

What Did Natasa Stankovic Say?

She shared a deep thought on her Instagram story while drinking coffee. She said, “I am sitting here drinking my coffee and a thought came to my mind about how quickly we judge.

“If we see someone acting out of character, we don’t stop, observe, or have any sympathy. We immediately judge.

“We don’t know what happened, what the full incident or situation is. So let’s be less judgmental, more observant, more sympathetic, and patient with people.”

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