Who is Jean Luke Olivier as video of him throwing furniture off 20-story skyscraper in Manhattan goes viral

After Jean Luke Olivier threw a lawn chair and other patio furniture off a 20-story building on Monday, he was taken into custody in Midtown Manhattan with his video now viral

The incident that was caught on camera happened while Jean Luke Olivier was going through a delusional and paranoid crisis. Two days before, the accused, Jean Luke Olivier, 33, had called his older brother, Jean Bernard Olivier, 51, and said that someone was attempting to kill him.

Who is Jean Luke Olivier as video of him throwing furniture off 20-story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan goes viral

“From the way he’s been acting since arriving in the US, I think he has mental problems,” Bernard said, expressing concern about his brother’s mental health. According to police sources, Jean Luke had visited the Consulate General of Haiti at 555 Fifth Ave before the furniture-throwing incident.

Following his arrest, age 33 Jean Luke Olivier was accused of criminal mischief and felony reckless endangerment. On Tuesday, a Manhattan judge accepted his not guilty plea and freed him without posting bond.

The media reports stated that Jean Luke Olivier has previously displayed manic behaviour and suffers from mental health issues. Early in 2023, Luke moved to Miami from Haiti to live with Bernard. However, he was asked to leave for the winter due to his continuous issues with anger control.

A passing motorcycle barely missed the several plank-like objects that Luke threw into the busy traffic below as he sped past. According to reports, Olivier can be seen raising his arms in another video while witnesses record the scene from inside a building across the street.

His brother highlighted that this was not the first such incident. He mentioned, “he had some trouble with my wife, my daughter … They were arguing. When I got home from work one day, I told him he had to leave.

He claimed that after breaking up with his girlfriend, Luke moved to the Big Apple from Arkansas.

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