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Here is all you need to know about Blair Hamilton, the transgender goalkeeper and a former player in the men’s team 

Athletes, who identify as females but are biological males often get backlashes when a female team signs them. Something similar happened with goalkeeper Blair Hamilton. 

She was included in Hastings United Women’s squad, however, this ignited several online trolls and abuses. Here is all about the transgender goalkeeper.

Who is transgender goalkeeper Blair Hamilton, bio, age, height, gender, team and Instagram

Blair Hamilton is a transgender goalkeeper who used to play in the men’s team. After her schooling, she relocated to America and started working as a coach. She also worked as a personal trainer. She is six feet tall. 

Blair played for Hastings United Women and currently identifies as a transgender female after transitioning from her biological gender of a male. She has been a PhD student at the University of Brighton. The goalkeeper is currently 34 years old. 

The 34-year-old  has played football for a majority part of her life. However, it is something stranger that she once didn’t like the game while she was young, a report in Pride of the Terraces said. 

Growing up, she started playing and fell in love with the sport, even though she hated the loudness made by the fans when her father took her to games. 

Hamilton started goalkeeping as a strategy to keep herself safe when she was seven years old after being hit by a car, and she has been doing it nearly entirely ever since. 

Hamilton experienced another significant event in her life when she realized she was transgender while she was playing for her local club, Galston Youth Football Club, and school teams. 

It should come as no surprise that Girls Aloud’s music video for their breakthrough single Sound of the Underground helped them come to this realization rather than football. 

Not simply in football, Hamilton is an enthusiastic sports fan so football is not the only sport she likes. There is another sport she is a fan of.

More accurately, she is a rugby fan who used to own season tickets for Scotland’s Six Nations matches at Murrayfield before the pandemic drove fans from venues, the aforementioned source stated. She also pays close attention to the Glasgow Warriors.

Along with lawn bowls, snooker, pool, and dodgeball, she has also enjoyed these games since she was in elementary school. However, football has always been her favorite. 

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