World Cup has 3 women set to referee matches in Qatar.

Yamashita understands that her choice put the spotlight on Japan’s low ranking on most measures recognizing gender equality and in worldwide studies of gender equality.

Japanese referee Yoshimi Yamashita recognizes that being one of three women chosen to officiate soccer games at the World Cup, the biggest stage isn’t just about soccer.

A pool of 36 FIFA referees was listed to officiate the Qatar soccer match. Stephanie Frappart of France and Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda must agree. There are 36 of these soccer referees; the rest are all men.

And FIFA, about the list of referees, was shortlisted to officiate the Qatar soccer match. Who has named three female assistant referees in a pool of 69: Neuza Back of Brazil, Karen Diaz Medina of Mexico, and Kathryn Nesbitt of the US.

Yamashita adores the fact that she chose to work on this dimension of gender inequality. This led to Japan placing low in the rankings for other subjects regarding wage equality and comparative studies on gender equality.

If women were allowed to play such a role in sports, and if sports. And in particular, soccer was connected with women’s pastimes. Yukimura talked about his wishes during an interview with Associated Press.

Japan has a long way to go in soccer (men are restricted from participation). So I would be delighted if this could still be a catalyst for female participation.

The three have competed in men’s matches, and their respective World Cup debut takes place in a country where the role of women is closely prescribed.

One of the world’s most prestigious and most famous referees. Frappart has refereed many men s games in World Cup qualifying and various other international sporting events. She has also officiated the FIFA Women s World Cup final and the 2019 French Cup final.

Yamashita has functioned as a manager in Japan’s men’s football league and is the Asian equivalent of the men’s Champions League. She has been a referee for the 2018 Tokyo Olympics.

Mukansanga was the first woman to referee an Africa Cup of Nations match last year, leading an all-female officiating team.
The match officials chosen by the FIFA referees committee are naturally the highest among their national referees.

By selecting them with quality in mind rather than in association with a facet of gender, we emphasize that standing up for what is most vital is essential.

In the future, the choice of elite women taking on leadership roles in senior-level men s competitions will be viewed as commonplace and not considered scandalous.

Yamashita said that the difference in men’s and women’s games is due to the speed variable. Nevertheless, not just that some might run fast.

It doesn’t imply that he will seek to attain the ball’s speed. It means that he hopes to gather information at even speed levels. He wants to accomplish this as quickly as possible, even while the players are moving at an even speed.

The pressure is big, and I recognize that I have this duty. But I enjoy this job and this pressure, so I feel happy to do so.

Considering all three will be in charge of games, it’s not a given. They might also be used as fourth officials on the sidelines. However, they must not be used as confidants.

Yamashita says it’s her job to stay out of the way and allow the sport to do its own thing.

Rather than command, I’m considering how I will work towards bringing out the beauty of soccer. An important achievement as a referee is to bring the pleasure of soccer, she said. I focus on that, and my goal is to do that.

So, if I need to speak to the players, I will. I must show a card, and I will display a card.
Yamashita planned to speak with the journalists in Japanese but said she would use English, body gestures, and facial gestures when communicating with players in Qatar.

I usually don’t say anything when I offer a card, but I say, “I m not happy,” when I do. Naturally, they know what to do.


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