World Cup 2022: Qatar Cancels Yemeni Visas For The Tournament, Say Local Reports

Football fans in Yemen claim that their Hayya credit cards were wrongfully revoked without any explanation. They prevent them from accessing large sums.

Yemeni footballers have seen their Hayya cards, which act as a passport for World Cup ticket holders in Qatar. Qatar revoked without basis, as per local media reports.

Al-Mashhad al-Yemeni published it late Friday evening. That the citizens informed the editor of their shock when they were constantly reminded. The document was already turned down, even though it had been approved previously.

The report also included a photo of an email sent to a Yemeni football fan: “Your request for a Hayya card has been denied.” There was no explanation to explain the reason.

Also included is a picture of an email sent to a Yemeni football enthusiast, saying: Your request for a Hayya card was already rejected. No reason has been given for the denial.

There has yet to be any official explanation from Yemeni or Qatari authorities or the football governing body FIFA. Many Yemenis posted images on Twitter of their rejected Hayya card.

There isn’t yet any official statement by Yemeni or Qatari officials or the football’s FIFA, the governing body of football.

Many Yemenis shared photos of their rejected Hayya application On Twitter. To show their rejection of the Hayya application.

He said he was surprised when his card was declined for several months and weeks. He posted a screenshot from a social media profile containing his login credentials to the platform where he bought the tickets.

Fifa stated to Middle East Eye that this was an issue for the Qatari Supreme Committee for Delivery. And Legacy (SC), the World Cup organizing committee, has said it is researching the issue.

SC did not respond to MEE’s request for comment. SC didn’t respond to the MEE’s request for comments by the time of publication.

Aden Today reported that hundreds of Yemeni supporters had paid enormous sums for match tickets, hotels, and flights. Also, airfare had expected to incur massive losses if the decision was not overturned.

“Without any respect to working with Fifa principles and the law of sports. Qatar canceled all Hayya cards that belong to Yemenis,” wrote Yemeni journalist Nabil Alosaidi.

“I would like to see that the organizing committee and Qatari authorities can settle this issue. So Yemenis can take part in the tournament and have fun like the rest of the nations,” said Baraa Shiban. Who was a former advisor to the Yemeni Embassy in London?

The card also acts as a visa needed to enter football stadiums during Qatar’s tournament, which begins on November 20. Football fans can use it for free on the public transportation network to travel to Doha.

The week before, Saudi Arabian officials declared they would announce. Muslim users of this card would be able to perform the umrah pilgrimage in Mecca without purchasing visas.

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