World Cup 2022: Wales Fan’S Joy And Fears Ahead Of Qatar

Sixty-four years have passed since Wales last competed in a global football championship. They will join 32 teams in the World Cup in Qatar, the first held in the Middle East. The most recent controversy surrounding the competition stems from how it was awarded to Qatar in 2010.

While some fans are thrilled, some have decided to join because of moral concerns or due to the expense.

Kevin Davies, from Caerphilly, was a {resident who has been following Wales on every trip away since 2006. He decided to travel to Qatar for ethical reasons.

“I’m not at ease due to the system of corruption and the underlying politics around the issue,” he said.

“Money spoke during the time Qatar was the winner of the bid. I’ll watch the games, but I’m not thrilled about it.

“I would like it to fail, But I don’t want fans to be dissatisfied,” said Mr. Davies.

“I’m agitated. Wales’s performance in the World Cup won’t be as delicious as what we achieved in France at the Euros.

The same-gendered marriages the way women are treated in the number of deaths that occur while building the arena. I do not think it. 

We’ll have no legacy. It’s gone to the one who paid the most money. I’m not critical of individuals; that’s their choice, as it might never happen again.

However, not all fans have been offered an opportunity to view Wales. Thousands are expected to travel to Wales. “Four weeks from now, we’re off. 

We can’t believe it,” said Sharon Parker of Merthyr Tydfil. She traveled to France in 2016 to see Wales’s national teams succeed at the European Championships when they came in the semi-finals.

Mrs. Parker said she would say that “Euros is the trip of a lifetime,” and she believes Qatar would be great. “We have already spent 13,000 Euro for the two of us, and our bill is still growing. 

“So it represents accommodation, tickets, and flight fares, but our meals do not include any beers or drinks either.”

They said they would spend about $15,000 on hotel accommodations. Rob’s wife said before Wales qualified, most hotels were booked or unavailable. “Some hotels were quoting approximately 25,000 for a weeklong stay just for lodging,” said 

Mr. Parker. “We remained patient, and we located a hotel in Doha. We’ll fly out the weekend before the group competition and return after the England game.

It has been 64 years since Wales last qualified to play in a World Cup. Is it likely for your generation to see it happen? It was important to us not to go on this trip.

Paul Corkrey from Football Supporters Association Cymru stated that the event was “sad” that some fans couldn’t afford or chose not to attend this year’s World Cup.

He claimed that recent announcements hinted that there is a change in the rules of Qatar However, fans require more clarity on what to expect in the event they “fall in violation of the rules of Qatari legislation.”

In Qatar, the legal age to drink within Qatar is 21. Alcohol is only available in specific licensed locations.

Beer will be sold outside stadiums, but it could cost PS15 for a drink.

Outside the grounds, there will be fan zones. The most prominent one is located along the beachfront Corniche and where there will be alcohol available between 18:30 and 01:01.

Tony Corkrey informed the supreme committee that people who were too intoxicated would be put into holding areas until they could regain their sobriety and return to their accommodation. 

He reported they would not be subject to harsh punishments and detention for having too much to drink.

Later that month, he ordered that individuals be permitted to hold hands in public but needed to be respectful. 

“However, orders like these encourage confusion and make our country look distant,” he explained. “Recently, it’s been our top priority to devise public order regulations to decrease tensions.

Some regulations in this group will satisfy Cardiff’s requirements but will have no relevance in the Qatari oasis.


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