Johan Andrés Mojica Palacio is a Colombian professional footballer who currently plays as a left-back for La Liga club Osasuna, on loan from Villarreal. He also represents the Colombia national team. Born in Cali, Mojica began his football career in Colombia with second-division side Academia before joining league counterpart Llaneros in 2012.

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About Johan Mojica

Johan Mojica was born on August 21, 1992, in Cali, Colombia. He began his football journey with the Academia youth ranks before making his senior debut in 2011.

Mojica’s talent and versatility allowed him to excel in multiple positions, particularly as a left-back and a winger. His performances caught the attention of several clubs, leading to his stints with Llaneros FC, Rayo Vallecano, and Girona FC.

Club Career

Mojica’s club career has seen him play for several clubs in Colombia and Spain. He began his career with Academia FC, making his first team debut on 25 June 2011.  He then moved to Llaneros FC, and in January 2013, Mojica signed with Deportivo Cali.

In July 2013, he moved to Spain, signing a one-year loan contract with Rayo Vallecano. On 28 July 2014, he signed a permanent four-year deal with Rayo and was immediately loaned to Real Valladolid.

In January 2017, Mojica was loaned to second-tier club Girona FC, where he helped the team achieve promotion to the first division. Consequently, Mojica’s loan was renewed for a further year and he eventually signed a four-year contract with the club in June 2018.

He was loaned out to Serie A side Atalanta in September 2020, with a buyout clause. In January 2021, his loan with the club was terminated early and Mojica returned to Spain on loan, joining La Liga side Elche CF for the remainder of that season.

That same year, Mojica was bought outright by Elche and signed a three-year contract with the club. In September 2022, he moved to Villarreal on a four-year contract.

International Career

Mojica made his senior debut for Colombia in March 2015 and was chosen by José Pékerman for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He has made a total of 22 appearances for the national team, scoring one goal and providing two assists.

Johan Mojica’s Net Worth

Johan Mojica has a net worth of $7.3 million.

His earnings come from his salary as a professional footballer, endorsements, and other sources.

Contract and Salary

Johan Mojica currently plays for Villarreal in La Liga, and his contract with the club is set to expire on June 30, 2026.

He earns £16,000 per week, which translates to an annual salary of £832,000.

Career Earnings

Year Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Club Position League Age Contract Expiry
2024 £16,000 £832,000 Villarreal D/WB/M L La Liga 30 30-06-2026
2023 £14,000 £728,000 Villarreal D/WB/M L La Liga 29 30-06-2026
2022 £14,000 £728,000 Elche D/WB/M L La Liga 28 30-06-2024
2021 £17,000 £884,000 Girona D/WB/M La Liga 27 30-06-2022
2020 £9,100 £473,200 Girona D/WB/AM L La Liga 2 26 30-06-2018
2019 £13,000 £676,000 Girona D/WB/AM L La Liga 25 30-06-2018
2018 £5,100 £265,200 Vallecano D/WB/AM L La Liga 24 30-06-2018


Johan Mojica, a professional football player who currently plays as a defender for CA Osasuna in La Liga, wears Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats for the 2022-2023 season.

Personal Details

Full name Johan Andrés Mojica Palacio
Nickname Mojica
Birth date August 21, 1992
Height 185 cm
Birthplace Cali, Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Current net worth $7.3 Billion
Relationship status Married
Wife Carolina
Instagram profile @johanmojica


Johan Mojica, a Colombian professional footballer, is known to be married. The name of his wife is Carolina.

How Old is Johan Mojica?

He is 31 years old.

How tall is he?

He is 185 cm tall.

What is his nationality?

Johan Mojica is of Colombian nationality.

Career Stats

Season Matches Tackles Clean Sheets Goals
2023/2024 8 9 3 0

FAQs About Johan Mojica

When did Johan Mojica make his professional debut?

He made his professional debut on 25 June 2011.

Which clubs has he played for?

He has played for several clubs including Academia FC, Llaneros FC, Deportivo Cali, Rayo Vallecano, Real Valladolid, Girona FC, Atalanta, Elche CF, and Villarreal. He is currently on loan at Osasuna.

When did Johan Mojica make his international debut?

He made his international debut for Colombia in March 2015.

What is his net worth?

He has a net worth of $7.3 million.

Wrapping Up: Johan Mojica’s Net Worth

Johan Mojica is a talented footballer who has made significant contributions to both his club and national teams. His journey from the second division in Colombia to playing in La Liga and the World Cup is a testament to his skill and determination. 

He continues to make his mark in the world of football, playing for Osasuna on loan from Villarreal and representing the Colombia national team.

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