How to Watch FIFA Women's World Cup in Brazil

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is just about to begin, and this year’s tournament is surely going to be a blast. There is not much time left to wonder how to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil.

You can watch them on Globo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Casimiro, and Peacock. Let me help you make the decision.

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil for Free?

Yes, you can surely watch the whole tournament for free, thanks to Globo. Globo is the official broadcaster of the tournament in Brazil. They have taken the right to telecast all the matches of the tournament, along with some other programs.

Globo is not restricted only to television services; they also have a streaming platform called Globoplay. So, tune in on GloboSporTV or on Globoplay on match day to enjoy the live action.

If you are living alone and do not have anyone to share your excitement with, there is a very good option for you. Casimiro, the Brazilian journalist. He will be live on his social media to watch and discuss the match during the match. You can also join him in the conversation with other people.

Watch Women’s World Cup on OTT Platforms

Nowadays, everyone is opting to take a subscription plan to an OTT platform. But isn’t that frustrating if your streaming platform does not broadcast events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup? So, if you are planning to take a new subscription, then you can think of the ones that will let you enjoy the tournament as well.

So, which platforms are going to live stream the matches? Well, there are various options to pick from- Hulu, SlingTV, and Peacock. Here is a list of their subscription plans:

Platform Subscription plans Cost  Free-trial Screens Channels
Hulu  Hulu + Live TV (with Ads)

Hulu + Live TV (No Ads)









Sling TV Sling Blue+Orange $55 7 days 3 51
peacock Peacock Premium

Peacock Premium Plus



7 days

7 days





While Peacock will stream 20 matches, both Hulu and SlingTV will stream all the live matches. In addition, you will get to watch highlights and some other programs on these platforms. You can also enjoy a lot of other entertaining programs on these platforms.

However, you may not have access to these platforms in Brazil. That is not a problem anymore. You can take a VPN subscription and enjoy their services. Here are some of the best VPN options in Brazil.

VPN Provider Free Trial Number of Devices
CyberGhost Yes (1 day) 7 devices
Express VPN Yes (30 days) 5 devices
NordVPN Yes (30 days) 6 devices
Private Internet Access No Unlimited devices
Surfshark Yes (30 days) Unlimited devices


Can I watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup for free in Brazil?

Yes, you can. The official broadcaster of the tournament in Brazil is Globo, which provides free of cost telecast service. You can watch all the matches of the tournament live for free on Globo.

Can I watch Hulu TV in Brazil?

Both yes and no. Hulu TV is not accessible directly in Brazil. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy their service with a VPN subscription plan and connecting to a US server.

Can I watch Peacock for free in Brazil?

No, Peacock does not provide free streaming services; you have to pay for that. Besides, their service is not yet available in Brazil. However, you can watch their shows with the help of a VPN.


You can have no excuse to miss out on the exciting actions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, no matter whether you are in Brazil or anywhere else. You can watch them both on TV and other smart devices both for free or at a reasonable cost with other entertaining programs.

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