How to Watch FIFA World Cup in UK [2022]

We have you covered if you consider watching the World Cup from home. In this article, we will guide you on how to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in the UK.

The countdown has begun for the FIFA World Cup 2022 kick-off on 20th November. Football fans in the United Kingdom eagerly await the sport’s biggest showdown. Gareth Southgate’s men have been on a concerning run in recent games. They are heading into the World Cup with a six-game winless record.

However, 26th September’s 3-3 draw in Wembley against Germany in the Nations League will give England a lot of positivity heading into the World Cup. “We’ve scored three goals, and this will put us in a positive mood going into the World Cup,” said Harry Kane.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup Live in the UK?

  • TV Channel: BBC, ITV
  • Live Stream: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup on TV and Live Stream in the UK?

The Fans in the United Kingdom will be over the moon to discover that BBC and ITV will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 in the United Kingdom. Fans can watch all the matches for free via these two free-to-air broadcasters.

Moreover, the cable-cutters can enjoy the live stream via BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. 

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 Live on  BBC from the UK

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will telecast two of England’s three Group-Stage games in the World Cup. England’s World Cup opener is against Iran on 21st November and against Wales on 29 November. The other match against the USA will be on ITV on 25th November.

Moreover, fans can enjoy the live stream of the matches via BBC iPlayer. It’s free to download and free to watch in the UK.

Here’s the BBC TV Schedule for Group-Stage Matches

All times in BST

  • 20 November, 17:00: Qatar vs. Ecuador
  • 21 November, 14:00: England vs. Iran
  • 22 November, 17:00: Mexico vs. Poland
  • 22 November, 20:00: France vs. Australia
  • 23 November, 20:00: Belgium vs. Canada
  • 24 November, 14:00: Uruguay vs. South Korea
  • 24 November, 20:00: Brazil vs. Serbia
  • 25 November, 11:00: Wales vs. Iran
  • 25 November, 14:00: Qatar vs. Senegal
  • 26 November, 11:00: Tunisia vs. Australia
  • 27 November, 14:00: Belgium vs. Morocco
  • 27 November, 17:00: Croatia vs. Canada
  • 27 November, 20:00: Spain vs. Germany
  • 28 November, 14:00: South Korea vs. Ghana
  • 29 November, 20:00: Iran vs. USA
  • 29 November, 20:00: Wales vs. England
  • 30 November, 16:00: Tunisia vs. France
  • 30 November, 16:00: Australia vs. Denmark
  • 30 November, 20:00: Poland vs. Argentina
  • 30 November, 20:00: Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico
  • 1 December, 17:00: Canada vs. Morocco
  • 1 December, 17:00: Croatia vs. Belgium
  • 2 December, 17:00: Ghana vs. Uruguay

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 Live on ITV UK

ITV will broadcast England vs. USA game on 25th November. It’s a free-to-air channel. Hence, fans can watch all the matches for free.

Moreover, the cable-cutters can enjoy the World Cup on ITV Hub.

Here’s the ITV Schedule for Group-Stage Matches

All times in BST

  • 21 November, 17:00: Senegal vs. Netherlands
  • 21 November, 20:00: USA vs. Wales
  • 22 November, 11:00: Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia
  • 22 November, 14:00: Denmark vs. Tunisia
  • 23 November, 11:00: Morocco vs. Croatia
  • 23 November, 14:00: Germany vs. Japan
  • 23 November, 17:00: Spain vs. Costa Rica
  • 24 November, 11:00: Switzerland vs. Cameroon
  • 24 November, 17:00: Portugal vs. Ghana
  • 25 November, 17:00: Netherlands vs. Ecuador
  • 25 November, 20:00: England vs. USA
  • 26 November, 14:00: Poland vs. Saudi Arabia
  • 26 November, 17:00: France vs. Denmark
  • 26 November, 20:00: Argentina vs. Mexico
  • 27 November, 11:00: Japan vs. Costa Rica
  • 28 November, 11:00: Cameroon vs. Serbia
  • 28 November, 17:00: Brazil vs. Switzerland
  • 28 November, 20:00: Portugal vs. Uruguay
  • 29 November, 16:00: Ecuador vs. Senegal
  • 29 November, 16:00: Netherlands vs. Qatar
  • 1 December, 20:00: Japan vs. Spain
  • 1 December, 20:00: Costa Rica vs. Germany
  • 2 December, 20:00: Serbia vs. Switzerland
  • 2 December, 20:00: Cameroon vs. Brazil

Group B Fixtures in the World Cup 2022

Group B

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England

🇺🇸 USA

🇮🇷 Iran

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales

All times in BST

Fixture Date Time (BST) Venue TV
England vs. Iran Monday, 21 November 2:00 pm Khalifa International  BBC
USA vs. Wales Monday, 21 November 8:00 pm Ahmad Bin Ali ITV
Wales vs. Iran Friday, 25 November 11:00 am Ahmad Bin Ali BBC
USA vs. England Friday, 25 November 8:00 pm Al Bayt ITV
USA vs. Iran Tuesday, 29 November 8:00 pm Al Thumama  BBC
England vs. Wales Tuesday, 29 November 8:00 pm Ahmad Bin Ali  BBC


Round of 16 Matchups

A1 vs B2

B1 vs A2


C1 vs D2

D1 vs C2


E1 vs F2

F1 vs E2


G1 vs H2

H1 vs G2

Quarter-Finals Matchups

1 (A1 vs B2) vs (C1 vs D2)

2 (B1 vs A2) vs (D1 vs C2)


3 (E1 vs F2) vs (G1 vs H2)

4 (F1 vs E2) vs (H1 vs G2)

Semi-Finals Matchups

1 vs 3

2 vs 4

We have tried to cover how to watch the FIFA world cup in the UK. We hope the content was helpful to you.

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